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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Obfuscation And Obstruction Really Have Become Standard Operating Procedure For The ADHA.

This appeared last week:

My Health Record access controls used only 214 times in million record trial

Individual document controls were used only 10 times during the electronic health record trial.
By Chris Duckett | September 5, 2018 -- 07:18 GMT (17:18 AEST) | Topic: Security
As one begins to work with numbers that approach zero, small differences in weightings and roundings can easily become orders of magnitude out of whack.
So it was that back in May, officials from the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) told Senate Estimates that less than 0.1 percent of users in its trial areas had set access codes to change the default setting of general access to health care providers, and instead restrict data to nominated health care providers or people.
Thanks to numbers released by the Department of Health in response to Questions on Notice last month, we now know that "less than 0.1 percent" was incorrect by three orders of magnitude, or, more precisely, around 500 times smaller than ADHA said.
The department revealed that of the 971,252 records created during its trial period, only 214 access controls were set. Of that number, 196 records had a code applied to the entire record, 10 had individual documents locked down with a code, and eight had both record and document codes applied.
Given such a low number of interactions, it's quite a stretch from Kelsey to portray that users are engaged with the system. This appears to be more of a 'set and forget' scenario, and with the high number of people who have been surprised to learn they had a record when attempting to opt-out during the official window, that million also contains people ignorant that they were in the system.
The department also said that only 3 percent, or 287, specialist organisations were hooked up to My Health Record as of June 3, and in the year to June 3, an average of 3,641 general practices had uploaded one document each week to the system. – (There are about 35,000 GPs or so)
Read even more details here:
The information reported above can be found here:
A few comments:
1. Note how in para 3 they (ADHA) flat out misled the Senator by 3 orders or magnitude.
2. When asked directly it seems that in the two opt-out trials approximately 2/3 of people did not know they had been given a record during the trial. Many still don’t know!
3. Almost no-one set any security controls – presumably because they did not know they had a record or how to do it.
4. The 3% penetration of the myHR among specialists after so long has a message…its useless.
Talk about saying the trials were a success when they were clearly an object failure with patients!
And now they plan the same stunt on the rest of us.
What shysters..

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Anonymous said...

Just a reflection of the ADHA. Fruadulant little hotbed, built of scamming little group of bullies with no clue, background or interest in health or health IT. Much of the business functions and cultural change rubbish are run by people from the banking sector. The Royal commission on the banks should give you an idea of the caring culture at the ADHA.