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Monday, September 24, 2018

The ADHA Board Papers Released Last Week Are The Same Old, Same Old!

Last week I posted a blog on the new release of the ADHA Board Papers from February and April this year.

Here is the direct link to the relevant page on the ADHA site.


Well I have to report back and note that the level of transparency offered in the new batch of papers ranks right up there with the high level of obfuscation provided with recent releases.

For February, 2018 we are given the contents of 5 of at least 17 attachments to the minutes all without the important information found in the appendices.

For April, 2018 we are given the contents of 9 of at least 24 attachments all again without the important information found in the appendices.

And remember we are at close to the end of September, 2018, so the delay is ridiculous.

This is pretend transparency at the very best, and is simply not good enough.



Anonymous said...

David this is simply a reflection of the Agency. We stumble around discovering others are doing the same things, Hovernance is a narrow focus and poorly led. Tim is no CEO and this is just one example of his dictatorship with no substance. Tim is fine with a scripted message that can be repeated and repeated and repeated again and again. Is he a leader - not really, can he plan and manage - no and inspire - not worth commenting

Anonymous said...

@6:35. Hovernance? At first I thought Typo. On reflection that is probably a fitting term. Might steal that and see if it catches on