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Thursday, September 20, 2018

We Have Not Seen The Details Yet - But The ADHA and Tim Kelsey Really Felt The Heat This Evening In The Senate.

Questions for Mr Kelsey from the Senate Committee which is to report on the myHR Program on October 8, 2018 tonight (among other things) on:

1. The care.data Program led by Tim Kelsey in the UK and what it means for us in Australia.

2. Paid spruikers. (Some docs got $1.1M over 2 years) - was mostly for advocacy of the myHR +++ for $$$$ - and really not for design help (The myHR remains a rubbish system and all involved know it.) No neutral views really provided at all.

3. Journalistic suppression / bullying. There has been serious distortion of the right to public information by the ADHA and there is good reason to hold them to account. Mr Kelsey himself is not apparently totally innocent in all this - as was put to him by Senator Singh.

4. Dodgy usage stats for the myHR - and what is means for care and how much the system is actually used.

5. Failure to separate the UK SCR and what it does from the myHR - He knows it is very different! One is an updated mini-record for emergency use and the other is a pile of ageing .pdfs etc.

6. The biased nonsense run out from paid PHN's etc on the joys and zero risk of the myHR.

7. A total brief that talks of little else but benefit - but ignores risks.

I don't think this lack of honesty and mega-spin can end well. We will see.

Also interesting were questions about just where control of the ADHA lies and who makes up all this stuff. The answer - like many others - seemed pretty waffly and vague.

As a colleague just said, with a Labor Government a racing certainty to win the next general election, I would reckon the ADHA should change leader and develop the capacity to listen real fast now to even survive.  What do others think?



Anonymous said...

You will be please to read in the RACGP online resources an internal ADHA audit found 3 out of 5 GPS found the MyHR useful, life saving even.

Anonymous said...

Senator Singh was quite good, I know of a few people out there that she could well do engaging to get to the core of some of those questionable claims.

The first distortion is the % optout. There are only 25 million souls in Australia regardless of the HI count. Of that 6 million cannot optout as they are already in the system, a proportion of that will be of an age where they cannot optout, and as mentioned before a proportion will not be able to die to access to online services. So in reality it is probably closer to 10%. A million people making an effort should also be seen in light of the 51% of people the ADHA claim are aware as you need to be aware to make a choice.

The other concern is they still a tinkering with the system, I am not sure the system is fit for prime time and tinkering makes the system vulnerable.

The contempt shown to members of the senate was disappointing.

This 1.1 million dollar dossier needs exposing, how much is he being paid by other programmes? Care homes? Is he advising on the criminal PIP revision?

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

"You will be please to read in the RACGP online resources an internal ADHA audit found 3 out of 5 GPS found the MyHR useful, life saving even"

I was thrilled until I read the article realised that was a survey among the myHR users and meant hardly reflects a sensible population of GPs.

Here is the link:


Read closely, to see what was really found.


Anonymous said...

Love the photo of Tim, the Benito Mussolini pose. Perhaps we are replacing Health-care with Amil-care. His ranting sad I read in Zednet - https://www.zdnet.com/article/privacy-advocates-have-failed-to-engage-on-my-health-record/

Are very disturbing. This is a person out of control.

The government's media budget has obviously been a factor. Their paid media spend has been increased from AU$4.8 million to AU$5.454 million.

Non-commercial community lobby groups like the Australian Privacy Foundation can only dream of such riches.

I would like to remind this grubby little bottom feeder that is tax payer money. Perhaps we should allow other groups the same funding so as to balance the debate.

Anonymous said...

@7:52 AM, I think if I am reading the article correctly it was Ronan O’Conner that made those questionable statements. Oh fancy that another care.data man. Wonder how he got the job

Anonymous said...

Yes, Kelsey and O'Connor worked together in the UK... Kelsey was thrilled to have O'Connor join him here

Anonymous said...

I just hope the committee sees past the noise and grasps the MyHR system is no longer a useful platform and is not able to deliver value to consumers or clinicians or any other healthcare cohort. It is obviously the amounts of money flowing are distorting things. Senator Singh I thought touched on this. A return to Government facilitating the framework, setting policy and mandating the use and maintain economic of standards is far more value able

Anonymous said...

Greatly amused to see Timmie being put under pressure - he clearly didn't like it and was growing pinker by the minute!

Waiting for the transcript because I think there were one or two examples of "mis-speaking", shall we say.

Anonymous said...

Count your blessings Sir David Nicholson is not in the mix, that would spell the end of the end of any independence for GP and Specilists

Anonymous said...

I agree little Timbo did seem a little flustered and perhaps a look into the bullying culture we hear so much about. I also was amused when they we asked about ethics. Not sure any of them understood what ethics might be.

Anonymous said...

While Everyone Was Distracted By Strawberries, Peter Dutton Introduced Laws To Snoop On Your Private Chats

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile HealthEngine are proving again that they are not fit to provide services. Their relationship with the ADHA and myGovEHR could be seen as fueling their arrogance