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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

AusHealth IT Blogger Features on the Scoop from MIS Australia

The Scoop - e-Health's road to recovery

Posted: Tue 6 Oct 2009 9:39AM

e-Health is still an unhealthy industry, yet the federal government needs it to drive the NBN. So how will e-health deliver the dream? Joining The Scoop host Mark Jones is Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, clinical lead at NeHTA; Gary Cohen, chairman of iSoft; and Dr David G. More, executive director of More and Associates.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Excellent article...I was not aware of how easy it can be to improve the care....simply throwing money at more international doctors and nursing staff doesnt deal with the issue - it is simply perpetuating the current increase in costs associated with an ageing and unhealthy population. Wouldnt it be brilliant if the govt rolled out the 60 percent solution early instead of attempting the i-health solution late....enjoyed this article...good find.

A population yearning for information ...needs this more than ever.