Friday, October 23, 2009

Spin Alert!

The Senate Estimates Transcript with DoHA and NEHTA being questioned about their progress is now available here:

A good read from about page 102 on!

Lots of things being taken on notice as DoHA seems to be an answer free zone.

Main impression is that the answers just muddy any understanding of what is planned in the EHR/EMR/IEHR/SEHR/PHR domain. We really need a clear statement of just what is planned.

See the Australian IT News Page for more details.




Jim Cocks said...

Arguably one of the most incompetent displays ever at a Senate Estimates Committee. When it gets to the point where one of the Senators suggests that DoHA officers might care to read their briefing notes, it's a pretty good bet that the good Senator has not been terribly impressed by the amount of "taking on notice" that's occurring.

Even more disturbing is the obvious ignorance of what is actually happening in the real eHealth world, and the resort to the anecdotal by Ms Halton citing her visits to her own GP (and what would we give to be introduced to him/her?) - she gives the impression of a primary schoolteacher lecturing a gathering of dolts.

Anonymous said...

Pants on fire!