Friday, October 30, 2009

This is an Issue We Are Going to Hear Much More About.

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Senator Grassley: You’re on Track About EMR Problems, But Here Are Some More Questions to Ask

Posted by Vince Kuraitis on October 25, 2009

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An article in today’s Washington Post links to a letter written by Senator Charles E. Grassley.

The letter is directed at 10 EMR (electronic medical record) vendors, and asks very pointed questions about whether the vendors have been negligent in not addressing patient safety issues in their technologies.

Senator Grassley, you have the scent and you’re on the trail. There are several other questions you should be asking these vendors:

  • Prior to the HITECH Act, why did EMR vendors promote and government policy tolerate non-interoperable EMRs? Health care isn’t like computer operating systems — where competing, non-interoperable tech is fine. Lives are at stake.

More points here:

I am planning to do some more work over the next few weeks on this.

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