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Saturday, October 10, 2009

NEHTA postpones Conference on Civil Wars to Fall, 2010

Sorry, this was just too funny to pass up..

NEHTA postpones conference on civil wars to fall, 2010

Posted October 7th, 2009 by Janna Bremer

The Board of Directors of NEHTA has decided to put off the conference on “Civil Wars” until the fall of 2010. This decision was not made lightly, but was agreed upon by the Board and the Conference Committee as a way to ensure wide participation and a top-flight historical conference. Given the difficult economic times, we are hearing that a number of schools are struggling with budgets and requests for out-of-school conferences. We are convinced of the importance of offerings such as our fall conference, but also know that attendance would be impacted by budgets. Further, our delay of the conference from an early October date to November was designed to give more time for registrations. Unfortunately, we also lost our keynote speaker in the process. By putting off the “Civil Wars” conference until 2010, the Conference Committee will have time to redesign the conference. In the meantime, we hope the economy will begin to turn around.

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I knew things were bad, but this is just ridiculous!

By the way, NEHTA stands for the New England History Teachers Association in this context!

They have been around for a while.

“Founded in 1897, the New England History Teachers Association (NEHTA) is the nation’s oldest association of teachers of history and social studies in the United States. Through our conferences, publications, and awards, the NEHTA provides teachers, students and academics opportunities to engage in meaningful conversations about the teaching and learning of history and its related disciplines.”

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Just a hoot.


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