Thursday, October 22, 2009

Believe It If You Want – But This is a Really Bad Plan!

The following is part of the lead item in the newsletter (Free version)

Health ICT Headlines - 21/2009

Amid the flurry of Australian e-health activity reported in this edition, an observer could believe that Australia's e-health record strategy is adrift and close to foundering on dangerous shores. CHIK does not believe that this is the case. In particular, there has been concern in relation to an apparent renewed government focus on commercially developed, person controlled e-health records as a ‘quick fix' to Australia's e-health needs. CHIK agrees with Peter Fleming, CEO of the National E-Health Transition Authority, that it is likely that several e-health records will be available in the market. That scenario makes NEHTA's role in ensuring standards, privacy rules plus infrastructure (including indexing) all the more critical.

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This observer thinks the bolded sentence is true (i.e. we are drifting in a hopeless strategic vacuum) and that what will happen, if the this multi-vendor commercial outcome, as is apparently being supported by Peter Fleming and NEHTA, actually occurs it will be very sub-optimal. I believe that this commercial strategy is very poorly conceived and will fail to provide the benefits we all hope for from a quality implementation of appropriate e-Health.

I also believe CHIK is quite wrong in supporting this, but that’s up to them!

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