Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Reality Check For NEHTA.

A short piece on the NEHTA Strategic Plan was published a few days ago by Karen Dearne on the Australian IT web site.

NEHTA releases strategic plan

Karen Dearne | October 02, 2009

THE National E-Health Transition Authority has released a strategic plan repositioning itself as an implementation agency with a role well beyond its present funding to 2012.

"Since its establishment, there has been a misalignment between NEHTA's current direction and the expectations of the various stakeholder groups," the plan says. "As the organisation evolves it is important to ensure a foundation exists for 'what' it has been put in place to deliver."

NEHTA will "co-ordinate and manage the uptake of e-health systems which are of a high priority, interoperable and scalable" nationwide.

Chief executive Peter Fleming said the 2009-2012 plan outlined how NEHTA would fulfil its mission in relation to delivering the National E-Health Strategy adopted by the Council of Australian Governments last December.

The full article is here:


What is interesting is as of the time of typing 4 days later there are 16 comments about the article.

Pretty much all express a view of NEHTA which would make one believe I am being kind!

It will be interesting to see the NEHTA spin machine attempt strike back with some unalloyed praise!

Isn’t free speech wonderful!

Browse the comments for a belly laugh or two.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up, David. The multitude of people leaving NEHTA appears to be beyond the control of the mandarins. How deliciously entertaining! They sure sound like a disenchanted bunch. Funny thing, I've always found that inspirational leaders tend to engender loyalty that outlasts tenure...

Anonymous said...

While I have been critical of NeHTA (and still have some criticisms) I think we need to give some thought to the clear need for an ongoing governance body to support ongoing health care IT activities. One of the unfortunate side effects of the history of health IT in Australia is that this body will be subjected to intense scrutiny and criticism, no matter who they are or where they come from. In these circumstances I think it is sensible to make the best of what we have, which is NeHTA.

Anonymous said...

The NEHTA Strategic Plan contains references to both the "Model Office" (reference x3) and "Office Model" (reference x1) - the latter having been picked up and commented upon. Is there a difference? Perhaps more importantly: (a) what is meant by the concept or term, (b) who or what is driving it, and (c) where does Medicare fit in?

Anonymous said...

David, have a look at NEHTA's website.

Wonderful to see that yet again, by my reckoning for the third time in one year, NEHTA has made their website even more beautiful. Fabulous arrangement and stylised display - a delightful edifice on what is otherwise a stupendous waste.

NEHTA - get on with delivering. Stop prettying up your image.

Peter Fleming - you jubilantly proclaimed one year ago that this would be the Year of Delivery - is this what you meant!! A vacuous strategy for the promulgation of ineptitude and an elegant shopwindow to distract from the absence of substance.

Dr David More MB, PhD, FACHI said...

The new site appeared on Monday - very cute but just as unable to cover up the issues that are identified in the comments here and on the Australian IT site.


Anonymous said...

David et al,

I unfortunately find that agree with practically everying you say about this process. I am a practicising clinician, interested in IT and the positive things which can come of the digital way forward. What seems to be getting in the way is the almost guaranteed enfeeblement of any real action by political process. I made the effort to fly to another capital city and attend a daylong seminar/workshop on the NEHTA process. It was a productive meeting and all seemed so hopeful but frankly it seems that the politicians (which now stretch down far into the adminstration of health) are crueling the game. All that they can achieve is spin and mission statements.

Dr David More MB, PhD, FACHI said...

We even have a few more after the initial 16 comments:

RemoteGP of NT 10:08am October 07, 2009

I agree with Ash - "Not Exactly Helping Things Along" It seems NEHTA is afflicted with the illness that seems to have permeated the whole of government, particularly health. It is a bureaucratic malaise that allows massive amounts of money to be spent without any real work being done and somehow no-one gets a rocket. Where are the mandatory standards for interoperability, coding systems, agreed messaging standards, identifiers (come on guys, is it *really* that hard?), proof of concept implementations etc etc? I guess the key is in the fact that there are so many stakeholders = when have state and federal govts agreed on anything?
Bradybunch of Zion 3:01pm October 06, 2009

After having a read of Nehta's web site, it would seem that some of you on here don't really know what Nehta is about. Jay, what does Nehta have to do with prescribing pills? I'm pretty sure that's still going to be done by the doctors (rolls eyes).

Oh dear.