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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And This Lot Think They Can Implement Health Reform? Not a Snowflake’s Chance in Hell.

The following appeared in the Australian today – April 13, 2010.

Work yet to start on e-health identifier

SIX months after assuring a Senate committee that the National E-Health Transition Authority was working with primary care software firms over the proposed national Healthcare Identifier system, the federal Health Department has conceded work is yet to begin.

"Currently there are no implementation projects within primary care being funded," a Health spokeswoman said last week.

The department was unable to supply a list of medical practice vendors previously said to be working with Nehta on an "implementation pathway" -- originally requested by Queensland Liberal Senator Sue Boyce in February amid questions about Nehta's activities.


The Australian queried the list provided to the Senate, as many of the firms are not involved in the primary care software sector.

"As the work is still in its early stages, there is no list of primary care vendors currently available, other than those involved in the secure messaging work," the departmental spokeswoman said.

"The information is not incorrect.”

More here:


Well sometimes the small articles are the really important ones!

The Orwellian quote "The information is not incorrect” just leaps from page and leaves one gasping!

After all the nonsense from DoHA and NEHTA about implementation dates and timetables for the HI Service the actual activity seems to be essentially a big fat zero.

This can’t be much less that systematic deception of the Senate, Ministers and the public can it?

No wonder, they are struggling to agree an approach to e-Health under the Rudd / Roxon health reform plan with this dazzling level of competence.

As an e-mail correspondent put it. ‘Off with their heads – the lot of them’!

Wanders off into the night sadly shaking head in disbelief!


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