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Monday, April 05, 2010

A Question That Has Been Confusing Me!

It's pretty simple.

If the proposed reforms to the national Health Care System are so well considered and desirable why is it that the States, who have a lot of experience in operating hospitals, are not happy with what is proposed and are being provoked and swiped at with threats of Referendums and the like?

Is it that they are just stupid or might it be they lack important information and would like to see a fuller explanation of the total picture of what is being proposed before signing up?

Seems to me that with the Federal Government waving a big stick, rather than providing full information, including proposals on e-Health makes a lot of sense to be very careful about what you sign up for!

See here for the very recent NSW view.


She certainly would like to know a lot more and she is a Labor premier!


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