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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

AusHealthIT Man Poll Number 15 – Results - 13 April, 2010.

The question was:

Should NEHTA Be Attempting To Displace The Current Secure Messaging Providers?


- 7 (17%)

If There Is a Major Benefit to Clincians

- 10 (25%)

If There Will Be Savings Long Term

- 2 (5%)

They Should Let the Market Decide

- 13 (33%)

Absolutely No Way

- 7 (17%)

Total Votes: 39.


I will leave the interpretation of the results to the reader. For me it seems clear that a significant number do not want NEHTA just using its Government mandate to disrupt already satisfactorily operating e-Health Infrastructure without some very good reason.

Thanks again to all who voted.


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