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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Really Can’t Be Seen as a Full Package – What is Going On?

From the SMH this morning.


Elective surgery when you need it: Rudd's bold pledge


April 13, 2010

THE Prime Minister has set his government the ambitious goal of ensuring that virtually all Australians needing elective surgery will get their operations in clinically recommended times.

Kevin Rudd last night released the final section of his of health reform proposals, a $650 million boost over four years to finance his promise that 95 per cent of patients get timely treatment.

But the government is holding back on declaring plans for four big problem areas previously targeted for reform: mental health, dental health, preventive health measures for obesity and alcohol abuse, and ''E-health'' or electronic health records.

This is despite the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission's ''Denticare'' recommendation to ensure dental care for all Australians and its call for patient-controlled electronic health records to enable safer and more efficient care.

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Does anyone understand why after all the reviews and discussion, all the reports and consultation we find ourselves in this mess – with grumpy Premiers and a determined PM just storming on?

I sure don’t.



Anonymous said...

Rudd is playing with the Premiers and the electorate by drip-feeding us with promises.

This must be about political manoeuvring. It is not about health.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, it's all about health. The chaos theory of management (CTM)is alive and well - when change is resisted in a system which has repeatedly proven itself to be impossible to restructure and change to any degree - an intractable system - the only effective option is to deploy decoys and chaos. Once all the balls are up in the air they will land haphazardly and new forces will quickly come into play, new relationships will be established, allowing the mechanics and sculptors (politicians and government) to mold a new system into place which hitherto was impossible. In the corporate sector dramatic downsizing is just as effective - not something however that can be readily done across the whole of health - so we use the CTM to remold the system.

Anonymous said...

For every good person (with the best intentions of the Australian people at heart) that plays a part in the management of Health across Australia, there is one or more that is driven by greed and self interest. There is little or no accountability for the billions of dollars that has been thrown at the State governments to manange their Health departments. This needs to be reigned in if we are to effectively move ahead, so let the Federal government have a go, because God knows that the states have failed dismally !!!! We really have very little to lose.