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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Spin About Success is Really On a Roll. This is Really Very Sad in My View!

What a policy failure!

Rudd strikes deal with Labor leaders

April 20, 2010 - 5:28PM

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has reached agreement with Labor state and territory leaders over his planned health reforms.

But Western Australia won't be a party to the deal hammered out during intense negotiations in Canberra.

Mr Rudd won over Kristina Keneally earlier today following one-on-one discussions with the NSW Premier.

Later discussions with John Brumby convinced the Victoria Premier to sign up to a plan under which the Commonwealth will retain about a third of the states' and territories' GST revenues.

The federal government will use that money to help it finance its role as the dominant funder of the nation's public hospitals.

Sources say Mr Rudd has had a victory on his GST clawback, but the funds will be directed into a pool, which will distribute funding to local hospital networks.

Tasmanian Premier David Bartlett put his signature to a new intergovernmental health agreement before rushing off to catch a plane home.

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With the totality of the funds going to these tiny networks via a pool controlled by the States – how is that going to be manageable and how will the Commonwealth make sure all this performs.

As for integration of hospital, aged and primary and community care – who knows?

As for e-Health – well you know – ignored again!

For me this is all about politics and not about a better health system.


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Jim Cocks said...

I don't think it was ever about anything else - policy with a view to re-election - I wonder what the riding instructions for the next Grants Commission hearings are going to be!!