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Monday, April 05, 2010

AusHealthIT Man Poll Number 14 – Results - 5 April, 2010.

The question was:

How Happy Are You With The Overall Direction of the Rudd / Roxon Health Reform Plan?

100% Happy

- 3 (10%)

75% Happy

- 11 (36%)

50% Happy

- 4 (13%)

25% Happy –

- 5 (16%)

Not Happy At All

- 7 (23%)

Votes : 30


Well, that is pretty unclear. Almost a split vote (46% Pro, 13% Neutral, 39% Not Really Happy). This means there are more than a few that are not happy with what Kevin and Nicola are planning and are trying to railroad through with the Premiers. They ignore this substantial body of concern at their peril – I suspect that unless a good deal more clarity emerges on the total package the COAG meeting in a couple of weeks could be quite interesting - and very long! We shall see.

Thanks again to all who voted.


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