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Saturday, June 12, 2010

AusHealthIT Poll Number 22 – Results – 12 June, 2010.

The question was:

If We are To Have a Shared / Personally Controlled EHR Who Should Deliver and Manage It?


- 1 (2%)

Commonwealth Department of Health

- 7 (18%)

Separate Government Entity

- 13 (34%)

Private Sector via Tender

- 6 (15%)

No One – It’s a Bad Idea

- 3 (7%)

None of the Above

- 8 (21%)

Votes : 38


This is a pretty interesting result. It is pretty clear most do not want NEHTA any where near this. It seems a separate government entity gets the cigar – with some support for having DoHA.

I would be curious what those who said None of the Above had in mind. Maybe a comment on those views would be useful?

Again, many thanks to all those who voted


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I chose "None of the above" for a number of reasons:
- The government has a terrible track record of implementing eHealth infrastructure.
- The government/NEHTA seems set on reinventing as much as possible in eHealth, despite lots of work in organisations like HL7 and IHE which are creating interoperable solutions.
- There is continual talk about patient access and portals. While this is important, it will not deliver major improvements in healthcare in the short term. What we need is to enable health care professionals to access the data (on a patient opt-in basis).
- The government is becoming increasingly intrusive in our lives. I don't want to government to have my health data. When I get a PHR I want to be able to choose where I keep it. A good first choice would be with my doctor.