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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Flash - HI Service Legislation Deferred Until August 24, 2010 At Least

As best I can tell the legislation has now been deleted from the Senate Agenda.

See here for the current agenda.


The Senate rises no later than 8:40pm for the Winter Break.

Now we get the 'blame game' I guess, with NEHTA saying its it not their fault! Let us be clear it is, as they should have started the legislative / consultative process long before they did. Just poor project management!



Anonymous said...

Really David, poor management you say. So how come the Bill passed tonight????
I'd say it is more a case of poor armchair reporting.
I'd call it e-health 1, bloggerman Zero

Sleep well Dave!

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

I call you a rather rude person.

I called it as it happened - and provided the outcome as it happened. OK effort as far as I am concerned.

Were you watching the live video stream and the Senate Red to see the item disappear and then suddenly re-appear to the annoyance of many senators. Read the Hansard to see how messy it was!