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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Final Comment on HI Service Legislation.

My final view on all this is that it has been a busy and confusing day. Sorry to those who read earlier posts when it seemed the legislation had been delayed. It has now passed close to the dying bell!

You can read some other commentary here:


The issue is now if we can see delivery of a useful working service. If they manage it they will deserve congratulations - but that will be a challenge. The reasons why one would use the service, as either a provider or a consumer, and how much trust can be put in it - to say nothing of all the issues about being able to 'opt-out' if one chooses are still there.

This was a rushed and I fear less than ideal outcome. Time will tell. If you naively believe sticking a number on the back of 22 million Australians will suddenly make a difference to the quality of care in Australia you are dreaming. This is a complex program that will take years to get right and years to show any real benefits - if ever. It may indeed work but success is by no means assured. Pity other options were never really examined.

I wish NEHTA luck, but with their track record of implementation to date one must reserve judgment for now.


Oh - and this does expose the risks of live blogging as stuff happens. Looking back it was still a good way to go as it reflects the nonsense that went on behind the scenes I suspect!


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Dr David More MB, PhD, FACHI said...

Oh. and what I didn't say was thanks to all those who alerted me to new stuff as the day went on!

We got it right with your help at the end of the day!