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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Senate Passes HI Service Legislation - With Considerable Concerns - 6.46pm 24 June, 2010

Dynamic times are happening in the Senate at 6:15pm today.

Senator Siewart is very nervous but wants to let it scrape through!  Very keen on an 'opt-out' approach to having an identifier.

Senator Boyce has now pointed out the system apparently won't start until October 1, since House of Reps have not agreed to amendments.

She is deeply critical of NEHTA and accuses them of not having their 'act together'.

Senator Boyce is very unhappy about NEHTA's competence.

Senator Mason has fundamental concerns about privacy balance struck. He is very worried about citizens being 'numbered'. Very worried about the incompleteness of the law and 'function creep'.

He is concerned about the risk of creating a 'national identification scheme'.

After a lot of discussion the Bills passed at 6.46pm


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