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Quote Of The Year - Paul Shetler - "Its not Your Health Record it's a Government Record Of Your Health Information"

Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Wisdom of the (Expert) Crowd.

Over the last week or so there have been a number of really fabulously insightful comments posted.

I am not sure how best to use the depth of understanding that I (and all of us) are now seeing is available for contemplation and use.

Please keep it up - and if there are contributions of the length, and value,we have seen recently - then I am happy to post them as separate blogs.

Private e-mail will be absolutely respected and posting - with any 'nom de plume' desired, - is fine.

Whatever - if the forum can get the good and bad of what I and others say available and in clear view for discussion and criticism we all win in the end!

For the blog to achieve this would be more than I could wish for!


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