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Friday, November 19, 2010

E Health in Australia Is Doomed - The Summit Conference Program Confirms It!

This is a disaster!

Here is the link. Read and weep.


They are in fantasy mode and still have no clue on what they think the PCEHR actually is and have no evidence the approach makes any sense at all. The program confirms it.

You must read and be just staggered!

I have no idea about you but this looks like an utter waste of 2 days of your time.

Utter rubbish and thinking from the last century!



Anonymous said...

This is the standard template for a NEHTA meeting. Motherhood statements and imagine the future, but a complete lack of any technical competence what so ever.

This is post modernism at its best. All those weird technical details that they don’t understand will have to be sorted out by those funny geeky people, but we will present the vision. Trouble is they have no idea. It’s like putty Doris Day in charge of the Moon shot and wondering why the Russians got there first. I am sure they will have ideas about logo placement and find a place to mention the NBN. The reality is a well-designed eHealth system could probably run on dialup at a pinch. What we need and standards and some working low level services that NEHTA has failed to deliver after 10 years of expensive “trying”. What we have is 10 years of failure with no lessons learned and success by anyone else the embarrassing enemy.

Really having Peter Couchman as an MC says it all, no offence to him but I think what we really need is Michael Moore to do a summary of the success of Government controlled eHealth in the last decade. Mind you that might be over before morning tea. The remaining time could easily be filled by a long list of failures.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness gracious me - riveting is all I can say. Simply rivetting. I see no value, none whatsoever, not even networking value, can be gained from attending this circus. They just DO NOT UNDERSTAND. If they think they are a marketing machine - they are not. If they think they are catalysts and facilitators - they are not. If they think they are educators - they are not. If they think they are wise users of e-health funds - they are not. If they are not any of these things - what are they? The truth is they need help. The problem is they don't know they need help and when presented with alternative, creative, sound, ambitious, far sighted, cautious, thinking they stare blankly, look numb and say "what we are doing is this ........ " Boom, boom.

Anonymous said...

How odd. The themed break-out workshops seem to have been renamed from 'please tell us what to so I' and 'please tell us what to do II'...