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Friday, November 12, 2010

Now Here Is a Job I Would Avoid Like the Plague!

An interesting advertisement appeared in first few pages of the Financial Review today.

Director E-Health and ICT Strategy.

Client in NSW Health.

The job has (they say):

- A Strategic Leadership Role

- A Complex Dynamic Environment

- A Local Role with National Agenda

It seems NSW Health have decided to create a new Branch in the Health Department and the Branch is to play a key role in ‘positioning NSW at the forefront of the National E-Health Agenda’

Success will apparently develop a State Wide Resource for Strategic Expert Advice to the health system.

Somehow this sounds remarkably like the Information Resource Management Centre (IRMC) which was established a little over 20 years ago at NSW Health. Since then the place has been re-organised at least five times I can recall!

Talk about ‘what goes around, comes around’

Lunatics can e-mail a resume to prush@robertsonsearch.com by 26 November, 2010.

The simple fact is this job is just not doable in the NSW Public Sector in my view and any attempt - despite the fact the role is vitally needed - will probably end in tears. The entrenched interests who would see any candidate fail are legion and bureaucratically powerful beyond belief.

Here is a link to the full advertisement.


My advice - before and probably after the election in March 2011 - this job is a poison chalice! Go for it at your own risk!


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