Thursday, November 18, 2010

Still No Programme For E-Health Summit - Less Than 2 Weeks to Go!

Just checked to see what the program was given it begins in less than two weeks.

Sad to say - just no special guest announced and no programme!

This is really a serious money wasting joke!



Anonymous said...

We lodged applications to attend but we have heard nothing from the organisers. Consequently, with no knowledge of the program and speakers my company has elected not to participate at this time. Instead we will be focussing on clearing the decks to prepare for the Christmas break. Happy to participate at a future date when it is clear that the gathering has a well defined purpose, some achievable objectives, a comprehensive program and confirmed speakers. We think that's a reasonable set of expectations.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is an invitee only conference for 400 people. They probably won't have much of a program because it's billed as being something where the attendees do all the work, all the think and all the talk. Then the people from the guvmint will collect all the ideas say thanks and go away to digest them.

Then a big document will be produced with everyone's name at the back to give it credibility and a whole new ehealth plan will get underway. And we start all over again, again and we start all over again ... tra lala, tra lala ... lala lahaaahhhhh.

Anonymous said...

I think the best assistance that those above who could not but feel they should be invite to this conference is to get together and produce a workable business case and portfolio plan for e-health. Post online with your anticipated deliverable and Benefits dates, what you see as potential risks at that level and lets have an alternative. It is easy to play an armchair judge and jury but you all seem to be caring, knowledgeable business minded e-health experts, seems a waste your are not doing this. Please don't turn out to be some text book wannabe politicians playing yes minister. I look forward to reviewing your alternative, after all it is Australia and it's interest we have at heart here not our own agenda's and self importance