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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Registration For E-Health Summit Closed and Still No Programme. Pathetic!

From the web site at 6pm, November 18, 2010.

The e-Health Conference: Revolutionising Australia’s Health Care is a key event for stakeholders interested in electronic health and telemedicine.

The two-day Melbourne conference will draw together leading health experts, clinicians, consumer representatives, health administrators and information technology specialists to explore the future of e-Health in Australia.

The conference is designed as a forum for stakeholders across the sector to listen and discuss the PCEHR system and the Australian Government’s plans to prepare our health system for tomorrow’s challenges.

Announcing the conference, the Minister for Health and Ageing, Nicola Roxon, said the Government wanted to bring stakeholders together to “ensure that there is detailed discussion about the implementation plans leading to broader community consultation”.

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Priority registration: RSVP close-of-business Thursday 18th November.

No more is found here:


Guess what the link points to applying as a Media Rep.!

One can only say..WTF!

This comment (from the earlier blog) is just wonderful:

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is an invitee only conference for 400 people. They probably won't have much of a program because it's billed as being something where the attendees do all the work, all the think and all the talk. Then the people from the guvmint will collect all the ideas say thanks and go away to digest them.

Then a big document will be produced with everyone's name at the back to give it credibility and a whole new ehealth plan will get underway. And we start all over again, again and we start all over again ... tra lala, tra lala ... lala lahaaahhhhh.

Thursday, November 18, 2010 2:34:00 PM

What can one say. Nailed it in one!



Anonymous said...

I registered interest in attending some weeks ago when it was first announced but I haven't heard anything, not even a courtesy thank you for my registration of interest. I followed up by phone to be told early applicants wouldn't necessarily be invited I had to be someone important!!!!!! I asked who decides who is important? The organisers. Oh. Can I speak with them please? No now. If you have registered interest in attending they will call closer to the conference date. I have heard nothing.

Anonymous said...

The commonwealth did the same with the Broadband Futures Summit. Lots of CEOs and CIOs were invited, and returned looking bewildered - "what was that about" one said.

Basic problem is that the participants had no ideas.

Anonymous said...

We seem to have a situation where Roxon and NEHTA/DOHA are saying we have the $$ and we are calling the shots and we are going to shut out the detractors and its our way or the highway.

While Nehta have a working PR department, not much else functions. With the help of the PR department and the pigs highly attracted to the trough of $$ they have they almost manage to present a believable front to the outside world. However this is a facade and there is little behind it and the longer it goes on the bigger the hole they are digging for the whole country.

They pay no attention to what is actually working in the real world and starve true innovation from both funding and acceptance, as everyone in the user community is waiting for NEHTA's grand vision to be delivered, not realising that nothing has been delivered to date and is unlikely to be delivered in the foreseeable future.

Any summit based on hand picked friendly pigs is doomed to be a very expensive failure, that will seem to be doing something right up to the point that the money runs out. This situation is a perfect example of what's wrong with big government. It has failed in the UK but we appear to be determined to repeat their mistakes. Surely 10 years of billion $ waste is enough?