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Friday, November 19, 2010

Here is the E-Health Summit Programme as Of November 19. 2010. An Utter Disaster!

This is unconsidered and ill-informed rubbish in my view. Spectacular in its stupidity and insulting to all those in Australia who actually understand what e-Health is!

Day 1 - Conference Program

Tuesday 30th November 2010

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Registration Open

Plenary Sessions

Welcome by Conference Master of Ceremony

Conference Master of Ceremony – Peter Couchman

Opening Address

The Hon Nicola Roxon, Minister for Health and Ageing

Australian Government’s vision for a 21st century Australia and the place of e-health within the reform agenda

International Keynote Speaker

Mr Omid Moghadam

Center for Biomedical Informatics, Harvard University and Chair, National Development Board of Ignite Institute for Individual Health

Looking ahead – how e-health will affect health care in 2020 and beyond

Morning Tea

Conference Master of Ceremony

Peter Couchman

So what is the PCEHR system?

Guest Speakers

The PCEHR system’s governance

The landscape for introducing the PCEHR system across Australia – how will it fit in?

Perspectives from:

- Department of Health and Ageing: Ms Jane Halton, PSM, Secretary

- State and Territory Health Department's representative

- National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA):

Mr Peter Fleming, Chief Executive Officer

Guest Speakers

Introducing conference discussion themes

How will the PCEHR system revolutionise “real” health care?

The consumers view: Why we need this system in place

Ms Carol Bennett, Executive Director, CHF

Clinicians driving change: Supporting my care of patients

Dr Steve Hambleton, Federal Vice President, AMA

Industry, partners in care delivery: Responding to and driving technological advances

Mr Philip Cronin, Chairman of Board, AIIA


Themed Workshops

Workshop Session 1:

Making the PCEHR system work – priority topics

Session objective: Provide a context for discussion with a focus on identifying our starting points and the priority topics for the PCEHR system

Afternoon Tea

Workshop Session 2:

Making the PCEHR system work – opportunities and actions

Session objective: Determine the opportunities and key actions to be taken to inform the development of the PCEHR system

Plenary Sessions

International Keynote Speaker

Dr Ivan Pedersen, Program Manager, Connected Digital Health, Denmark

Key lessons and opportunities from a national electronic health record system implementation

Closing Remarks

Conference MC Peter Couchman introduces

Adam Powick (Conference lead facilitator) to present Day One wrap up

Day 2 - Conference Program

Wednesday 1st December 2010

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

Optional breakfast function

PCEHR demonstrator introduced by Dr Chris Pearce (NEHTA Clinical Lead)

Plenary Sessions

Opening Remarks

Conference MC – Peter Couchman

Keynote Address

The Hon Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Digital Productivity

The digital economy – complementing the health reform agenda and benefits of e-health

Keynote Speaker

Mr Shane Solomon, Head of Healthcare, KPMG Australia

A glimpse of the future – using e-health to provide system wide clinical benefits of real value to consumers

Telehealth Simulation – working with today’s technology

Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, NEHTA, Head of Engagement and Clinical Leadership

Morning Tea

Innovation Project Breakout Sessions

Innovative Projects Sessions

Bringing tomorrow to today

Session objective: To provide opportunities to showcase the breadth of e-health innovation coming from the ground up where benefits are being delivered locally to health care consumers and the health care sector


Plenary Sessions

Facilitated Panel Session

Recognised experts, senior clinicians and peak body representatives

Taking us towards tomorrow - envisioning the 21st century when e-health is embedded across the health sector

Closing Remarks

Department of Health and Ageing and Consumer Representative

Next steps and the way forward – working together

Afternoon Tea

----- End Conference.

I have now seen everything! The MC who is an e-Health novice and a paid MC and e-Health non-expert is to explain to Australia what the PCEHR is and then the Secretary of DoHA is going to tell us about Governance.

I have spent so much of my life wanting to hear from the “Chair, National Development Board of Ignite Institute for Individual Health”. I am sure I will be just amazed! (Note: I am reliably informed Omid is a really good guy who really knows his stuff! Sadly the stuff he knows does not seem to really relate the the current issues we face here in e-Health in OZ!)

It is so sad these organising people and bureaucrats are so utterly clueless and technically ignorant.

Overall, this is a joke!



Anonymous said...

hmmmm.....now I see the programme, I'd rather go and see the new Harry Potter movie.

Anonymous said...

We have SO MANY wonderful national treasures who are internationally known for their work in eHealth and informatics - but none of them are here nor privileged to make an address.

Typical cultural cringe that we must bring in 'international' experts - as if Australians cannot be international experts.

I am profoundly offended by the deep message this sends to us about how government and NEHTA sees us.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's true but perhaps they just surveyed the ranks of NEHTA employees and supporters and decided they had better find some talent??

NEHTA would not survive a month in the real world but they are determined to bring everyone else down with them. Maybe it's time to look overseas for a country that appreciates innovation and technical ability?

Anonymous said...

I don't know why anyone would want to attend idiotic talkfests like these - being talked at and powerpointed at by a bunch of ignorant politicians and professional speechmakers - what is the point? and are there really 26 organisms in the universe that want to spend time watching "Live Interactive and Recorded Streaming of the Proceedings"

The only conference I ever got anything from (The 2009 "NZ Open Govt Data Barcamp") had to be billed as an unconference to attract those who really matter - those that actually produce stuff.

see http://wiki.open.org.nz/Barcamp_and_Hackfest

I was really looking forward to the 2010 unconference but unfortunately it was hijacked by Microsoft who brought back all the polis etc

Anonymous said...

looks like OZ is stuck in an e-health downward spiral. looking at the aforementioned agenda now, I'm rather happy to have opted out timely and not make the trip to MEL for this. this is fact reporting, which is the last thing OZ e-Health world needs. I can already see a lot of "so-what?" question marks above the many brilliant minds attending this 'summit'.
I lived on 4 continents doing HIT in the last 15 years and seen a lot of OZ talent in this area. It must be bitterly frustrating for those who are still in the country and still trying to stitch the political rags together. In a country with so much talent, I don't understand the lack of leadership in Healthcare, let alone in e-Health.
wish you all the best.