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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

E-Health Summit - End Day 1.

After the Workshops we had 2 presentations.

First we had:

Dr Ivan Lund Pedersen

National Program Manager, Connected Digital Health, Denmark.

Dr Pedersen has been the National Program Manager at Connected Digital Health in Denmark, (SDSD) in Denmark since 2007.

SDSD is the Danish counterpart to NETHA in Australia and Infoway in Canada,

At SDSD Dr Pedersen has been the chairman of steering committees in several of the major programs, for example the Common Medicine Record (FMK), the National Patient Index (NPI) and the Infrastructure for videobased translation.

From 1 January 2011, Dr Pedersen will be working with innovation and clinical customer relations in the new government organisation called National e-health agency.

From 2002 to 2007, he was head of the development and implementation of Electronic Healthcare Record at the hospitals in Region Sjaelland. The biggest achievement in that period was the development and implementation of OPUS Medicine which is a web-based medication module. It took two years to develop and is now running on its 7th year, with two yearly updates. It is now ready to integrate with the patients shared medications record.


This presentation made it clear this is a very long term project - that has gone pretty well for 15 years and is still evolving - and that consultation and incentives are vital and that Denmark is still learning - despite the hype.

Second we had a summary of the two workshop sessions conducted earlier in the afternoon.

This session was led by Adam Powick who was the lead developer of the 2008 Deloittes National E-Health Strategy.

Lack of rigor and care at this point on our e-health evolution will be a disaster seems to be the message. A lot of good people have put sound views and they really need to be integrated into the overall picture. We need to think hard to make this a success!

Bottom line of all this was that we need to develop a major discussion document on what the outcomes were from these two days - that then this needs careful discussion and scrutiny.

My view this should have happened before the Summit but better late then never!

Enjoy your evening!


1 comment:

Hercules said...

"Lack of rigor and care at this point on our e-health evolution will be a disaster seems to be the message" - I would have thought that 'lack of rigor and care' at any point in our e-health evolution would have been a disaster!?

I spent all my time at the conference consistently impressed of the degree of knowledge and experience that was in the room - it was a shame that the vast majority of it was in the audience NOT on the stage.

"..we need to develop a major discussion document..." - completely agree with this. I personally would like to see proper articulation of WHAT eHealth needs to do in Australia, not HOW, and certainly not a(nother) regurgitation of Bob, Tess or any other use case as to clinical benefit.

If this document could focus upon the eHealth Functionality which is required in our country (of which PCEHR is a subset) then I think all those vendors which the AIIA represent would have something tangible to aim for. Instead - they are being told to implement "standards and services" with little idea of what the end picture is (if indeed there is an end picture in existence...).

Lastly - I may have missed this and will need to go back and watch the webcasts (if they're available as recordings?) - was there a PLAN (draft or otherwise) put forward by NEHTA?