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Friday, July 20, 2012

The DoHA and NEHTA Munchkins Are A Pathetic Collection Of Non-Performing Freeloaders. Why Is the Bug Not Fixed? One Answer - They Could Not Care Less.

Thought I would see if there was anyone home with the NEHRS / PCEHR Program.
Answer is NO.
Ask for you Medicare Services and after what is a week you still get (7.00pm July 20, 2012):
Error Details
An error has occurred processing your request.
What on earth do we have here? Incompetence piled on stupidity and a total lack of customer and public focus is my guess. How hard is it to put up an error screen. A 10 year old can do it.
For ½ Billion Dollars - what pathetic incompetent giggle.


Anonymous said...

I agree. They could at least say:
Not yet implemented/under construction
They could even add some info about where you CAN find your Medicare data - www.medicare.gov.au
Or they could via Australia.gov.au pass you directly to your Medicare Services to see your data without having to log in again (if you have already linked to Medicare Services from there).
It does seem strange to just let it bomb out. Makes you lose confidence in the ability of the system to bring data together.

Anonymous said...

So,David, will you be at HIC to ask Mr Fleming WTF is going on? I will be there, but as someone with something to sell, I would not be game to speak up publicly for fear of retribution...though I am getting to the point that I feel these boffins will never buy anything from a small company who can actually deliver - for much less. That, in itself, is a sad indictment on the whole system....

Anonymous said...

This is how you do testing for free. Live testing with real data and real users. This blog provides a handy online list of defects, and a gauge of public opinion from the health IT sector. But does anyone know how many consumers gave registered at this point and whether there is a method by which they can provide feedback on the system?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps these are the lessons they learnt


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Canada link above.

I love this one; "McCarter's probe, which went back to 2000, criticized unnamed consulting companies for driving up each other's fees to artificially create a higher rate for their services and putting too much power in too few hands in awarding of contracts."

"At one point, the auditor writes, the eHealth program branch had "fewer than 30 full-time employees but was engaging more than 300 consultants."

Looks like standard operating procedures around the world.

Keith said...

David, I think that what you are seeing as a fault, the implementers simply regard as a feature that isn't implemented yet. It wouldn't surprise if this is not implemented until August. Professionals would not allow the situation where an unimplemented feature just generates an error message. I have to agree with others that this is a very shabby way to implement a web-based system. As I've remarked in another context "If the implementation of obvious visible stuff is so poor, what can one conclude about the quality of the less visible aspects?" The question of quality control is about to become very important. GPs are expected to go live with revised versions of clinical software that interacts with the PCEHR ssystem. Testing of this will be rushed because the test environment was not ready (NEHTA was too busy with the 1st July launch - Andrew Howard actually said so). I'll be advising the GPs I know to wait 3 months before even considering the software upgrade; after all the practice utterly depends on the reliable operation of the clinical system and we can't afford interaction with the PCEHR system to jeopardize this.

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

Keith - a sensible screen was in place and then it disappeared - go figure!

Can I suggest you wait 12 months before going near it. These turkeys are utterly clueless and you trust them at your own (extreme) risk!