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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

A Few Notes From Senate Estimates - June 5, 2013. NEHTA - DoHA Session Tonight.

Note: There will be a transcript in a few days - these are just impressions and random comments.
Also Note E&OE….it is real time…
Senator Wells
PCEHR Funding ends 30 June 2014 - Unless renewed.
DoHA is working on ongoing business case to extend.
Requirements to fund - PCEHR Operations, NEHTA work (standards etc.)
Partnership Agreement - has expired - Funding has continued to flow - but has not been signed off.
NEHTA Funding was urgent - has not been resolved. Was agreed in principle Nov 2012…but States are slow! (Only Victoria has not signed. Apparently)
Reason why not sorted is internal processes.
All parties are pretending the MOU has been signed. No funding implications.
Prof. Halton says this is all OK and NEHTA works for DoHA to fix rail gauges issues.
Total Registration 250,000 - 1928 Shared Health Summaries Uploaded.
Have 20% come from one doc? was asked - not answered.
Only 500 discharge summaries so far uploaded.
4319 Practitioners registered for access.
Patient Accesses per Day - DoHA do not know - Put on Notice.
 Increased Adoption Why?
  •  Gradual roll out - did not have software till March.
  • Change and adoption activity.
  • Assisted Registration Process pushing.
Huxtable claims they are in sight of 500,000 registrations by end of month.
Says will get close..
Is thrilled by Prescribing and Nipper additions.
Paul Madden
Aged Care Interest seems to be rising…
Registration Activity…assisted registration is happening via Aspen Medical to get people to register.
This has grown - now have 200+ sites where Aspen is registering people.
Expect to have GP’s and Hospitals do this is future…
Ms Huxtable making up just how McKinsey was involved.
Aspen Targets - funding linked to achievements - started March this year. Contract lasts to June 30. Hoping to get 150,000 registrations.
Incentives have been offered…drink bottles etc.
Mugs etc also offered.
Ms Huxtable is nitpicking…
Launceston General not happy. Ms Huxtable clearly in denial as to what happened (I have spoken to him.)
Ms Halton does not understand how outrageous what was going on is….
Ms Halton thinks this PCERH is “World Leading” compared with rest of world. How wonderful!
Aspen has been active in Tassie and ACT.
Pulse IT - Kate McDonald.
Can’t discuss individual’s records but it was not a PCEHR issue - was a Pharmacist Issue!
Oh joy - Ms Halton is so happy the data was checked. She says data is self correcting.
Hoping that the issue is now resolved - 3 months seems to be a long time to resolve issues.
More questions to come on notice.
As noted you will have a transcript in a few days..


Anonymous said...

A Grim Fairy Tale;
Once upon a time, a government built a big expensive container, and measured its success by the amount of data that was put into the container. One day some dirty data was found in the container. The government did not notice the dirty data, but the consumer did. The government blamed the provider (but still counted the dirty data in their own measure of success). They advised the consumer to hide the dirty data – "we have provided you with a handy feature to hide the dirty data", they advised. And you should thank us for having dirty data about you in our container, because now you are able to hide it.
A new measure of success was announced: the number of accesses to the container by consumers.
And over time, more and more dirty data was placed in the expensive container, and more and more consumers used the ‘hide my dirty data’ feature. The government proclaimed its ever increasing success. Ever more data, and ever more accesses. Success!

Anonymous said...

Surely taxpayers deserve better than this third rate shambolic codswallop!

This applies to all four corners of that roundtable and ALL parties sitting incompetently therein.

May someone with a clue and a "pair" in Ms Halton's phraseology be voted in and appointed come September to hold these self-serving bureaucrats accountable and taken well and truly to task!

Only feature "world leading" about the PCEHR is the magnitude of taxpayer robbery it has supported and the concentrated few nests it has and continues to comfortably feather.

Anonymous said...

"Patient Accesses per Day - DoHA do not know - on Notice…"

What a joke. These clowns don't even know that basics of web metrics on use of a website. We can guess the metrics they cough up will be cherry picked to bury the fact very few consumers visit more than once.