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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Wonder What This Actually Means For NEHTA And Its Future. It’s Not Clear To Me.

This appeared a few days ago.

NEHTA wins a $47.2m injection

THE National e-Health Transition Authority has received a $47.2 million injection that will keep it operating for another year.
A Department of Health grants report shows NEHTA had an extension to Council of Australian Governments funding from June 5 to June 30 next year.
NEHTA also received $82,100 to undertake personally controlled e-health records case studies.
Standards Australia will get $9.3m in e-health related funding while CSIRO has gained more than $4m for National Broadband Network telehealth pilot programs.
A memorandum of understanding with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner in relation to the e-health legislation and Privacy Act is valued at $4.6m.
The government will assist Medicare Locals push its e-health agenda and increase the take-up rate to the tune of more than $11m.
As at June 5, 250,000 had registered for an e-health record.
About $4.8m will be set aside to fund programs to support Medicare Locals in their cluster to achieve e-health change, adoption and goals.
More here:
You can find the detailed information here:
See here:

Grants Listing 2012-13 - Year to Date:

The Department of Health and Ageing has made every effort to ensure that the Microsoft Excel version of DoHA Grants Report 2012-13 meets accessibility requirements. If you are experiencing difficulty accessing the information contained within this document, please email contract reporting to arrange for an alternative format to be provided to you.
It is interesting to note that in 2011-12 receipts were $272M and the year before $113M. NEHTA also had $147M in reserves June 30, 2012.
A look through the State Budgets so far shows no specific NEHTA funding for next year I can spot.
See here:
And here:
What I suspect is going on here is that the Commonwealth is providing some NEHTA funding for the next 12 months but that with the retained cash the States are not putting in as much. It might also be because the new Memorandum between the States and Commonwealth on NEHTA has yet to be signed.

Of course it might also be that some of the Jurisdictions simply don't want to be involved with NEHTA any more.
See here:
I would be interested to hear from anyone who knows just what is really actually happening with NEHTA funding, staff levels and activities for the forward year.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


NEHTA STEALS another $47.2m injection of Taxpayers Money!

What an unconscionable WASTE of "Taxpayers" money.

When will this madness cease and the unfathomable opportunity cost for this ever accumulating malinvestment of taxpayer funds stop?

DOHA and NEHTA management and staff need to understand they are NET TAX TAKERS, profiteering and self-serving at the expense of NET TAX PAYERS.

Stop being a drag on the unfortunately mismanaged economy! You may well be less of a national burden and create greater net economic value on Centrelink payments.