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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

If You Thought The Issues With E-Health Standards Setting In Australia Were Resolved I Think You May Find You Are Wrong.

About a month I ran a blog with the following title:

The Australian E-Health Standards Process Seems To Be Going Down The Gurgler. This Really Matters.

This blog can be found here:
Well the news that I am hearing is that things have gone from bad to worse.
As I am hearing it we have had Standards Australia (SA) ignore the dissenting votes and just go ahead and publish the still contested Electronic Transfer or Prescriptions (ETP) Australian Technical Standard.
This is confirmed here at this web site:
ATS 4888.1-2013

ATS 4888.2-2013

ATS 4888.3-2013

ATS 4888.4-2013

ATS 4888.5-2013

ATS 4888.6-2013

A week or so ago the key stake-holders in all this apparently met with Standards Australia and have rather strongly suggested that SA have gone just too far in doing all this without further discussion. It seems SA may have lost the confidence of many key groups - and need to change the way they operate if these stakeholders are going to remain involved in the processes and provide a contribution.
Clearly without these contributions the standards processes will grind to a halt.
There is a good deal more to come on all this.
Watch this space.

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