Friday, June 14, 2013

I Think This Might Have Been A Better Architecture For Health Information For Patients Than The NEHRS / PCEHR.

This appeared a little while ago:

Cleveland Clinic opens EMR to patients

Posted on Jun 07, 2013
By Bernie Monegain, Editor
A half million Cleveland Clinic  patients gained access to more of their healthcare information Thursday – and by the end of the year – they will see all that is in their electronic medical record, including physician notes, via MyChart, the secure online portal.
As Cleveland Clinic officials see it, it’s the right thing to do because it will give patients a more complete picture of their health and empower them to make better, smarter and more economical decisions about their care.
Today patients  can view their after-visit summary, medications list, allergies, immunization records, preventative care details, laboratory results, and radiology reports. If they want to see the rest of their medical records, they must contact the hospital to get hard copies of the EMR.
The new transparent MyChart EMR will give patients access to pathology records, X-ray reports, physician notes, and the list of their current health issues, which physicians use to briefly describe a patient’s health status, recent concerns, and known diagnoses. Patients will be able to view online nearly everything their doctor sees in their EMR, except for behavioral health information, which is prohibited from release by state law.
“Patients continue to ask for more, and we feel that they need to have more information in their hands to be more engaged in their care, said Kari Posk, MD, medical director for MyChart.”
In Posk’s view, providing patients with this convenient access to all of their medical data will enable them to play a bigger role in their own care and allow them to better collaborate with their care teams.
“Our 21st century, value-based healthcare delivery system requires that patients are actively engaged in their health and healthcare decision-making,” Toby Cosgrove, MD, CEO and president of Cleveland Clinic, said in a statement. “It is our job to provide MyChart-activated patients with the tools and information they need to make informed decisions about their own healthcare, under the guidance and expert advice of their physicians.”
Lots more here:
To me it seems much more sensible to provide patients with access to relevant components of the patient’s professional record - rather than have them curate one record and the clinician use another.
This is certainly the approach that has been adopted in many other places around the world despite Prof. Halton’s claims that the PCEHR is world leading. Bluntly it isn’t.


Anonymous said...

She was lead astray.

Anonymous said...

It seems expensive for every provider (GP clinic, hospital, care centre) to make this information independantly available to patients.

Also makes the job of collating this information and making an informed clinical decision on all available information difficult. Not to mention the question of how a provider would know about the existance of the data within each individual portal in an emergency situation.

Certainly provides more information that the current PCEHR does, however this is more likely a result of time and scale, rather than intent.