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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Medical Software Industry Association (MSIA) Reveals Just How Hard Dealing With Government Is.

This 10 page report has just been posted on the MSIA web site
MSIA Issues presented at the eHealth ICT meeting 13 March 2013 (updated May 2013)
Here is the link to download:
Having browsed the issues the Medical Software Industry is battling with in their working relationship with Government it seems that there are some real issues that are not being easily and sensibly resolved and that the issue I have been banging on about, regarding the leadership and governance  of Australia’s e-Health efforts, is still totally unresolved.
These problems are really just the symptoms of that gap in my view.
Read for yourself to see what I mean.


Anonymous said...

From a careful reading of the MSIA document it seems very much as though the MSIA, despite all the obstacles put in its way, has bent over backwards to engage meaningfully and productively with DOHA and NEHTA.

Is the MSIA naive in its genuine belief that its overtures will be heard and embraced? I think so. We have seen it all before on a number of occasions over the last decade.

From a theoretical perspective MSIAs approach is correct. From a political perspective it is extremely naive. From a commercial perspective it is foolhardy. From a tactical perspective it is fatal.

Anonymous said...

It appears that Yes Minister was actually a documentary, and we all thought, in the same naive way, that it was comedy.

There is a desperate need to live within our means and I am sure somewhere there are coalition workers looking for ways to cut costs. This document supports the obvious conclusion, that shutting down the eHealth branch of Doha and wiping out every trace of Nehta is a way to make enormous savings in health. It would result in saving well beyond the direct costs as they we could return to real eHealth, where self funded vendors could develop innovative solutions and let the market decide.

The corruption of capitalism is the disease here. The real naive folks are the ones that think the government will ever achieve anything.