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Sunday, December 28, 2014

AusHealthIT Poll Number 250 – Results – 28th December, 2014.

Here are the results of the poll.

Holiday Poll: Will The Government Deliver A Working, Easy to Use, Safe, Clinically Useful And Widely Adopted PCEHR In 2015?

For Sure 3% (4)

Maybe 6% (10)

Neutral 1% (1)

Probably Not 29% (45)

No Way 60% (93)

I Have No Idea 1% (1)

Total votes: 154

A pretty clear response with the large majority believing there is little chance of a useful PCEHR being delivered in 2015.

Good to see a clear outcome.

Again, many, many thanks to all those that voted!



Anonymous said...

This simply shows how blinded your readers are and how out of touch you lot are from what is really going on. NEHTA has probably the best technical leadership it could possibly hope for. This year will see SMD solved, PCEHR purring along and NASH and HI refactord to meet changing demands. The only downside is that this blog will no longer have a role

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

Funny so many disagree with you. Can you explain that?


Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

re: "NEHTA has probably the best technical leadership it could possibly hope for."

Assuming you are not being cynical/sarcastic, therein lies the problem.

eHealth is not a technical problem, so a technical solution will always fail.

eHealth is about improved behaviour and better decision making. Technology plays a part but should only be seen as an enabler for other things.

The problem with NEHTA is not what it does but what it doesn't do.

And because NEHTA is full of technical people (good, bad or indifferent, it doesn't really matter), they have no perception or understanding of what they don't know.

Anonymous said...

NEHTA/DOHA don't even know what to solve so I would not hold my breath wrt anything purring along. Maybe they are mistaking the growls of the medical Software industry for purring. I cannot believe that so much money has been spent and the sad part is they are so isolated in their ivory tower that that they seem to have learnt nothing. An "expensive lesson" would at least provide some return but it seems that they don't have any insight what so ever.

Anonymous said...

NEHTA/DoH don't even know what to solve, I think they know they have created a very expensive obstacle in the PCEHR and have no idea how to undo it. Nothing much will happen as far as advancing the safe and secure exchange of health information while that beast exists in its current form and operational ownership. I can't see how P2P can afford to be supported, it must pose a serious Problem for change management (technical change)