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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Might We Find NEHTA Is On The List To Be Got Rid Of Or Merged Into The Department Of Health With The Release of MYEFO On Monday? - Updated

This appeared today.

Coalition axing 175 agencies

ALMOST 200 government agencies will be scrapped in a new search for budget savings, as the Abbott government lights a “bonfire of the quangos” to eliminate waste and help deal with deepening deficits that will be revealed on Monday.
Working groups will be shut down and expensive agencies dismantled in a bid to streamline the public service, saving more than $500 million over four years and taking staff numbers back to the levels of seven years ago.
Health and education will be next in the hunt for redundant agencies when the government sends experts into both major federal departments to find potential savings.
The Weekend Australian can ­reveal the 175 agencies to be cut ­include the Australian Government Solicitor as well as obscure committees such as a “governance board” on computer systems and a “partnership group” on student services. While the AGS had been seen as a potential asset sale, the government will instead close it down and transfer some of its staff to the Attorney-General’s Department in order to scale back overall spending.
Here is the link (paid)
The ‘governance board on computer systems’ is an interesting target of scrapping. Might it the NEHTA?
We will know when the Mid-Year Economic Forecast and Outlook (MYEFO) is released by the Treasurer on Monday.

Afternoon Update:

We now know the e-Health Technical Advisory Group is Kaput!

See here:




Anonymous said...

Abbott can only begin to redeem his current and past failures by drowning the puppy he midwifed into existence!

Australia's Healthcare system can only hope NEHTA is terminated in short order for Australia's fiscal sake...

Anonymous said...

All I want for Christmas is for NEHTA to be on that list. Come on Santa you know they are on the Naughty list big time!!

Anonymous said...

I would sooner see DoH sidelined along with their PCEHR, they can stick with the politics and squeezing out sub standard software develoers. Have NEHTA restructured to focus on solutions that support the goals of eHealth and focus on working with stakeholders around use cases and workflows. Remore the executive team as nothing will change while they are protecting their past mistakes.

I don't believe the consept of NEHTA is wrong just those who run it do not understand its purpose.

Anonymous said...

NEHTA is not on the list as it is not a federal government body. It is NEHTA Ltd, a privately held not-for-profit company.

Anonymous said...

Privately held by and on behalf of its Taxpayer funded benefactors!

The associated consulting houses, management, staff and contractors are "profiting" at Taxpayers' expense quite handsomely!!