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Friday, December 05, 2014

If You Wondered Why The Medicare Locals Have Been Given The Flick, Here It is!

This appeared a few days ago on the official Fremantle Medicare Local Site.

Melbourne Cup

By FremantleML2 On November 24, 2014 · Add Comment · In Newsletters
Fremantle Medicare Local Staff celebrated ‘the race that stops the nation’. After watching the race at Clancy’s, the staff then enjoyed a delicious Melbourne Cup lunch back at Queen Street.
We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our prize winners for the day;
The most beautiful hat – Elaine Doyle – PiR, with her gorgeous red fascinator.
The most interesting ridiculous! hat – Lisa Ashdown – a Melbourne Cup creation.
After seeing all of the weird and wonderful creations, three prizes were quickly made up on the spot.
The most devilish – Swati Vempathy
The Bravery Award – Tony Ratnam
Participation (more like, enthusiasm) Award – Karin Orlemann.
Congratulations to all of our prize-winners and participants for helping us celebrate the Melbourne Cup in style.
Here is the link:
Follow the link for the blurry photos of the event of the workers in a distinctly non-working mode.
The obvious question is just why Medicare Local staff are partying like this rather than just watching the race and conducting an fun little office sweep and then getting back to it.
It is this sort of attitude to service I am sure might have been part of the reason that ML’s were canned.
With the present Federal Government this sort of celebration was never going to be endorsed!
At the very least the ML should have skipped putting the party etc. on web using a Government sponsored site!


Dr Dave said...

But David, it's the race that stops the nation!


Anonymous said...

I was particularly interested in who came third in the $2 sweep.

Anonymous said...

Net Taxpayers' money at hard wwork!

With productivity and GDP boosting action like this, why wouldn't their taxpayers paid funding be boosted instead of terminated...