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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It Seems All Governments Just Don’t Want To See If Their Health IT Is Working. Why I Wonder?

This appeared a little while ago.

NSW Ambulance losing revenue from billing system issues: Auditor

eHealth NSW also chastised in new report.

eHealth NSW also came under the auditor's fire for having half of its IT projects running behind time and for failing to review completed projects. The body - which provides governance for NSW Health’s IT strategy and delivery - was established in July this year when the functions of HealthShare NSW were transferred to the new organisation.
Hehir had recommended last year that HealthShare conduct post-implementation reviews of IT projects but today said nothing had been done.
“Formal post implementation reviews have not been conducted on any completed or substantially completed projects for the past two years,” he said.
‘These include the Oracle R12 upgrade, integrated medical imaging program, infrastructure strategy 2, state-wide management reporting tool, the business information program, the billing and revenue system and the payroll system.”
He urged the agency to start reviewing completed IT projects as soon as possible in order to assess whether they had achieved their intended outcomes, whether project management practices had been effective, whether the new systems could be further enhanced, and to ascertain any lessons able to be learned.
The auditor recommended eHealth NSW set up a process to ensure completed IT projects are reviewed by June 30 next year.
Hehir also revealed that the highest security threat to the Health cluster was currently weak user and password controls.
Lots more here:
Here is the direct link to the Audit Report .pdf.
Seems there needs to be much more scrutiny on and reporting of just how eHealth in NSW is actually performing.
What a good idea!

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