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Friday, October 02, 2015

Good To See eHealth In Mental Health Is Moving Forward Nicely. Glad We Are Seeing Progress!

This appeared a little while ago.

Top tips for GPs on e-mental health

23 September 2015
STRONG evidence suggesting e-mental health can help treat mild to moderate depression and anxiety is the basis of a new RACGP e-Mental health guide for GPs. 
E-mental health refers to the use of the internet and related technologies to deliver mental health information, services and care. 
The guide, funded by the Black Dog Institute and put together by an expert panel of GPs, is based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and goes through the pros, cons and preparation of working e-mental health (EMH) into primary care.
It links to the main online resources such E-Mental Health in Practice (EMHPRac), beacon, Mindhealthconnect and the Black Dog Institute’s GP training initiative. 
The RACGP says the guide is intended as broad general advice in the absence of any significant evidence about how to use e-mental health in primary care. It says EMH seems most appropriate for people with increased risk of developing mental illness, or those already experiencing mild to moderate symptoms.
It says EMH is an alternative for those averse to face-to-face therapy but also as a potential therapy introduction.
More here:
Here is the guide mentioned in the article.
Worth a good close browse.

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