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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Notes From Community Affairs Committee - Senate Estimates of 21 October 2015 - Late Afternoon.

October 21, 6:12pm

Sen McDonald - Clearly a regulation clown.

Total idiot asking about e-cigarettes - total FW

A collection of e-health irrelevant people are wasting vast time on rubbish wrt. medical cannabis!!!!

How is that e-Health?

There are some grandstanders who just chatter away and waste time….

Move to e-Health @ 7:40pm after dinner

Madden , Fleming

Looks like some funding and scope changes in 17/18 after trials of various PCEHR Trials

Has been very long funding….2012-2017

Budget has been cut - matter for Department of Finance - not clear where the money went. Maybe the Medical Future Fund

Bowles does not know what is happening…no idea how much has been cut.

From July 2018 - No commitment - have funded the trials etc. up until June 2018.

Trials will decide what funding will happen. Funding depends on opt-out outcomes.

Advance Monies will be held by Dept. of Finance.

Matter for Government to make final decision.

Current Funding

For 2016 $26.5M

For 2017 $15.5M

Are now trialling both opt-in and opt-out!

PHNs are in as trial mediators etc. Who knows Metro or Remote.

Trials will be everywhere. Target to have evaluation by early 2017.

Human Rights Committee

Madden has noted what is going on and will provide submission.

Current records 2,442,824

1350 registrations per week in tax time - people using My Gov.

PCEHR signed up - 7090 organisations

PIP catches 75% of GP practices.

State data - on notice.

Hospitals - 452 Hosp. and Community centres - very little progress.

Crap chatting about ‘meaningful use’. Have no idea of concept.

Have 16 submissions on ePIP - will send paper to Govt next week.

Active use is looking at record and adding stuff.

Bureaucrat recognises GP is central and have not made much progress with them.

Bureaucrat is in denial that GPs might not press on with ePIP.

Madden understand GPs fundamental - ‘ really need to inspire GPs’

Thinks system is now usable for GPs - he is on another planet!!!

ACeH transition has been in operation for 6-8 weeks.

Looks like most of NEHTA will slip over to DOH and ACeH on basis on comments.

End about 8:10pm

Peter Fleming also answered a few questions

What was amazing was no talk of Strategy and how the 2 Labor Senators were desperate to convince all that the whole thing was wonderful. This thing now seems to have commitment from the utterly conned by DoH/NEHTA. Just awful!

Again very disturbing nonsense. Sorry if anyone offended!

E & OE



Anonymous said...

Looks like a long slow death coming up. I guess if the current lot are tied up doing their version of ehealth, they can't be messing up some other government project.

Trevor3130 said...

From EPIC fail

Epic is not the only barrier to a seamless medical records system. Thanks to legislative maneuvering by former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) in 1999, the federal government can't fund any sort of system with unique health care identification numbers. (Paul saw individual medical IDs as further creep of Big Brother.) Social Security numbers aren't a good fill-in; they're not on insurance cards, and in April Obama signed a bill that will strike them from Medicare cards in order to reduce identity theft.

Australia has unique health identifiers, but how functional are they?

What's the prospect of those identifiers linking to those in social services, justice, immigration, etc? I suspect SFA, if the Govt's response to Financial Services Inquiry is an indication. Digital identity

Develop a national strategy for a federated-style model of trusted digital identities.

From Improving Australia’s financial system
Government response to the Financial System Inquiry

The Government agrees that a national digital identity strategy will help to streamline individuals’ engagement with government and provide efficiency improvements.
The Digital Transformation Office will work across government and with the private sector to develop a Trusted Digital Identity Framework to support the Government’s Digital Transformation Agenda.

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

"The Government agrees that a national digital identity strategy will help to streamline individuals’ engagement with government and provide efficiency improvements."

They are right. A national ID system would streamline things. I'd be very surprised if the government couldn't identify most people from a few key pieces of information easily obtained when interacting with the government using correlation techniques. Confirming that identity is also probably quite easy.

If a citizen had a unique ID it would just make things easier, simpler and more streamlined. They already know who you are and where you live. If they try hard enough they can probably find out where you are, or where you've been - most of the time.

You need to adopt the methods of Gino and Mark Stocco i.e. get completely off the grid, break the law and live a most uncomfortable life if you want to hide from the government. And then you'll get found out anyway.

IMHO, the issue is not identity per se. It's the real and potential misuse of identity and personal information.

Anonymous said...

Bowles does not know what is happening…no idea how much has been cut.

What this is really saying is the whole eHealth saga is so totally bewildering to Martin Bowles he has no option other than to defer to Paul Madden. By default Bowles has become a hostage through no fault of his own. The Minister in turn has also become a hostage.

Anonymous said...

eHealth in the Department is a lonely child. Rather than be the centre-piece that draws all the various initiatives together, unites them and and acts as a force multiplier, they sit in their own little corner, hatching their fantasies and dreaming of the wonders of technology.