Wednesday, October 28, 2015

ZDNet Article Seemingly Incorrect Regarding The PCEHR Health Impacts. Opt-Out Trials To Be Announced!

This appeared as a comment from Bernard Robertson-Dunn.

It is worth turning into a post.

"If anyone has seen this article:

E-health saving lives in Queensland: CSIRO

You would have read this claim:

"Australia's e-health record system has brought down the rate of mortality in Queensland, according to the CEO of CSIRO."

The only problem is it's a total fabrication.

I checked with the CSIRO and they said:

"we haven’t used any information from the PCEHR to date nor looked at the impact of the PCEHR on mortality in Queensland."


"While we have had some projects where we have used MBS and PBS data to look at the outcomes of an intervention, we haven’t used any information from the PCEHR."

It will be interesting to see if the government tries to make use of this rather misleading report and if the CSIRO issues a correction.

----- End Extract

Thanks Bernard - it really did look a bit suss. Who can imagine the Feds would be giving Qld specific data to the CSIRO in Qld., and no where else.

I wonder does this have anything to do with the Press Club speech Ms Ley is giving at 12:30pm. On Sky News if you want to watch. The ABC is reporting the PCEHR Opt-out trials will be announced for Nth Qld and the Blue Mountains!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, guys! I was gobsmacked and confused by that story as well

Anonymous said...

Watch this space, I guess

Says the presentations will be posted - we will all be able to hear what Larry Marshall has to say

Dr David More MB PhD FACHI said...

We have heard from their e-health leader (CSIRO) and the report is wrong and confused..


Anonymous said...

If true, surely the Qld government and the CSIRO have acted illegally. One of the planks of the current amendment bill involves permitting secondary use for certain purposes, including population health research

So no wonder the CSIRO is denying it...

Anyway, how many lives have been saved, what workplace or health changes have been made in response to whatever the findings were?

Methinks this will get curiouser and curiouser

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

My understanding is it's a case of bad journalism. It is highly unlikely the CSIRO would try and pull a fast one knowing that they would be challenged - which they were.

I'd favour incompetence by the journalist over conspiracy by CSIRO/Health.