Tuesday, April 04, 2017

AusHealthIT Poll Number 364 – Results – 4th April, 2017.

Here are the results of the poll.

Should The Decision To Move To Opt-Out For The myHR Have Been Made Before The Evaluation Of The Opt-Out Trial Sites Was Made Available For Public Review?

Yes 5% (13)

No 84% (238)

I Have No Idea 12% (34)

Total votes: 285

I think it would be fair to say readers would like to see the evidence for the decision.

A really great turnout of votes!

Again, many, many thanks to all those that voted!



Anonymous said...

It seems somewhat puzzling that on a weekly basis using no marketing you David get consistent polling around MyHR value and problems, yet this raw data made freely available, untainted, falls on deaf ears, yet the ADHA spends undisclosed amounts, ( be in the millions), to run a four month campaign, receives some thousand responses to a leading and questionable survey, that the the published results are clearly massaged and clearly biase? Does this seem slightly wrong to anyone?

I think we can agree on the problems to be solved, I am just not convienced the solutions or approaches being forced are based on the needs of al nor is there any real consensus on them. This is not simply around the MyHR it seems endemic across health

Anonymous said...

10:59 pm - wrong? Yes very much so, sadly it is also expected. The posting on a strategy slide sums it up, it is all about a culture of me, this reflects the true nature of the over paid clowns at ADHA and the weakness of the board and advisory committees. If this is the template for the future then staff are to be bullied and muzzled in a way not seen previously.

It not to late, but it will be soon.

Anonymous said...

Thought you all might find this interesting and hopefully to some provide a sobering effect.


Many are correct that this needs less mainstream IT focus, I would suggest we need more computer scientists and advanced security experts working with healthcare workers and consumers, enabling privacy and policy experts the information they need and a strong and energised standards community.

We also need to strengthen devop professionals so they are better able to understand and use standards and specifications.

Anonymous said...

10:39 pm. Thanks, great article, always interesting to see views from outside mainstream healthcare. As these systems around the country get more joined-up this is going to get very interesting.