Sunday, April 30, 2017

Has The ADHA Lost Its Way Or Is It Just Resting? I Wish I Knew!

This advertisement appeared very recently.

Director Communication | EL2

  • Office of the CEO
  • Canberra location
Tasked with improving health outcomes for Australians through the delivery of digital healthcare systems and the national digital health strategy for Australia, the Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency) is responsible for national digital health services and systems, with a focus on engagement, innovation and clinical quality and safety. Our focus is on putting data and technology safely to work for patients, consumers and the healthcare professionals who look after them.
The Agency is currently seeking people with a desire to make a difference to health outcomes, who are passionate about the use of digital health to meet these goals and have the relevant experience to deliver solutions in a highly complex stakeholder and technical environment.
Responsible for the reputation and brand management of the Australian Digital Health Agency the Director Communication ensures consistent and accurate messaging across the organisation with specific focus on the promotion of strategic priorities and programmes of work.
The Director Communication will provide a wide range of experience, knowledge and skills, including, but not limited to:
  • Managing a dynamic team of communications professionals responsible for the Agency brand and reputation across all communication channels.
  • Liaising and advising the CEO and Executive on key messages, media liaison and strategic communications.
  • Producing strategic communication plans and providing consistent and accurate key messages across the organisation.
  • Liaising with the Department of Health and Ministerial Media advisers to deliver collateral and advice on communication/media-related matters, including: briefs (information and event), questions on notice, and question time briefs.
  • Identifying and managing reputational risk in relation to communication and media, and developing mitigating strategies.
  • Responsible for the Agency's website and intranet, social media, staff newsletter, corporate publications, style guide, key messaging, media relations and marketing/promotional strategies and products.
  • Responsible for delivering daily media monitoring to all Agency staff.
  • Media issues management from receipt of enquiry and managing workflow through required channels to provide approved responses.
  • Leading and managing the Agency's social media strategies, content production, analytics and reporting.
  • Managing media plans to drive publicity and editorial content for external media.
  • Maintain strong and effective working relationships with the media and key stakeholders in the health and digital health sectors, along with other Government departments and agencies, as required.
To be successful in this role you will demonstrate a strong background in managing a large Communications team across multiple locations.  Media liaison with national mainstream media, including social media management, strategy production and content development for a Government organisation will be essential. Your prior experience will show involvement in delivering significant organisational change through communications and stakeholder engagement and a demonstrated ability to manage reputation risk.  In addition, you will require the appropriate degree in Marketing, Public Relations or Journalism/Communication. You will have full rights to work in Australia.
Applications for this position will close on Monday, 8th May 2017 at 11:59pm (AEST). For further information regarding the position and the Australian Digital Health Agency please contact 1300 895 669 or apply online.
Here is the link (If you want to apply):
This is clearly a really big job. Here are the scales for the Department of Health:
Before lodgement
On commencement
12 months after commencement
24 months after commencement
Executive Level 2 (EL2)
Here is the link:
The question that flows out of all this is just why the ADHA needs “a large Communications team across multiple locations” Surely it is delivery, not spin, that we all need from the ADHA?
Somehow I am getting the sense that the ADHA is slipping back on deliverables and trying to cover it all with spin.
The comments on recent blogs seem to rather confirm this view.
Looking at the ADHA’s planned time-table we seem to have not actually seen any discussion drafts on the Strategy etc.
It is interesting to note we have also not had any Board Papers published since Feb 21, after regular monthly publication before that.
I may be being alarmist but it does seem that the silence from the ADHA has been deafening!
Maybe some people who are internal to the organization can let us all know?


Anonymous said...

Reviewing the Enterprise Agreement Salary Tables makes one ask why is Dim being paid $522,000 !!!!

Anonymous said...

What is the ADHA and why does it exist? In the context of a program which is what the PcEHR/GovEHR is, forget the rest, that is smoke and mirrors. The ADHA is a temporary state within a tranche, somewhere between delivering the capabilities and transition to benefits/operations. This final tranche closes the program as a change entity.
The current concerns being raised around the ADHA capability to operate as an ongoing business is simply because it is probably not to be one, the ADHA executives should be upfront and cold about this, we are dealing with people after all. The end of NEHTA was a signal that specific capabilities, such as standards, specifications, terminologies no longer need the level of investment or operational support as the once did, as it will be seen (through the eyes of the program), to have served the need of the program.
ADHA is a secondary step, which will see specific temporary and more permanent structures created, firstly to delivery the transition to government run operations, and secondly to create that target organisation. Or simply put they need to be running two systems in tandem so the old one can be decommissioned with little visible impact to the new entity.
To this end the ADHA will retain its current funding, with additional new funding for specific developments, but under very different management and reporting structures. I am sorry to say to staff, but they should consider, that the emergent needs will be management – overseeing operations and contracts, probably a large communications and marketing department that will work with the PHN’s to keep things alive and counter the inevitable backlash and press stories and of coarse Tim’s thirst to be seen, heard but not debated.
By July 2019 the GovHR will be back under DOHAS with DTA probably getting the bad luck of delivering enhancement projects, DHS providing support resources, and Accenture and Oracle on a lovely maintenance award.
The best thing to do is watch those close to Canberra, are they shifting to new things? Are you being swamped with placebo organisational change management? Are roles being refilled or simply different roles created? What is the news skills trend?
I feel for those who dedicate their passion and intellectual power to advancing eHealth, but programs are temporary and its sits in a portfolio that is devoid of understanding.
Hopefully out of the ashes the States will recreate a new co-funded entity that can work with the stakeholders to solve the hard questions ( that will continue to emerge or changing as technologies and medicine advance for the better and present new opportunity), enable a level playing field for commercial players, and provide the tools and know how to allow multiple solutions to coexist with an interoperability language as its underpinning, after all interoperability is the language of change, it is not an isolated thing or a point in time output.
As for the Strategy, we were promised a community engaged approach, why are no drafts with discussion points being released? It seems to have become a closed shop again.

Anonymous said...

Impressed the add is not even on ADOHA website, maybe anything more digital than Twitter is a bit much for Timmy and his entourage.

I agree David regarding the lack of information coming from the organ, I am as a tax payer extremely disappointed that the strategy has disappeared down a hole, I am in part paying for it, I should at least be able to see it and comment, it is hardly state secrets.

I am also not happy if I am footing the bill for Tim to be self promoting and misleading in the US at present.

Anonymous said...

Based on a few known and the APS model of operations.

There is General manager for Comms in ADHA, called the Chief of Staff I believe, so that would result in say three Directors (eL2), Web, Editorial, Marketing/ media relations, each would have say a team of 6, probably a couple of admin/assistants. I am guessing a comms department of 20-25. This excludes the twitter in Chief. That's not to bad, about 1 for every three people who care about the ATM or personal identities.

How many get transferred from the old eHealth branch and how many are new will be interesting. I guess decentralising is not on the cards.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a simple case of we have all be taken for a ride. This was only ever about the MyHR and its opt-out agenda. The ADHA will become some sort of good news media outlet. How many media mates of Tim will get a nice little earner out of this?

I hope we are not going to see communication become a one way medium whereby the ADHA hides behind a website, trolling others efforts and rebranding then with Government EHR success, much the same as they currently do.

Maybe time to throw the towel in and watch as it takes down a few political careers

Anonymous said...

7:58 am. Sounds like COAG has been taken for a ride by the Feds again. Maybe the QLD premiere might have a word on our behalf

tygrus said...

After mentioning - outcomes, delivery, strategy, engagement, innovation, clinical quality, safety - they ask for a Communication Director to control only the outgoing communication.
* Is the same importance and attention being applied to incoming communication (collection, sharing, understanding) ?
* Any ongoing forums for patients, clinicians, administrators, developers, industry, researchers etc. ?

Anonymous said...

Tygus, this was advertised a few months ago -

How this works in relation to the above, or there design and innovation is not known to me, it does seem all very confused and very open to becoming even more siloed than ever before.

Seems odd to me they need to call out a specific innovation department?

But without a view of the organisational structure we are footing the bill for! Who knows? I doubt they do