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Sunday, April 23, 2017

AusHealthIT Poll Number 367 – Results – 23rd April, 2017.

Here are the results of the poll.

Would You Be Confident Enough In The Privacy And Security Protections Of The myHR To Confide Your Personal Sensitive Private Information To The System?

Yes 3% (5)

Maybe 1% (1)

Neutral 1% (2)

Maybe Not 41% (79)

Definitely Not 55% (106)

I Have No Idea 0% (0)

Total votes: 193

96% of readers seem unhappy about the privacy and security of the myHR. A fair bit of work to do on both the system and communication with the public I reckon! Interesting that everyone had an answer with no I have no idea votes!

A really great turnout of votes!

Again, many, many thanks to all those that voted!



Anonymous said...

This represents around a fifth of the number who provided input into the departments ADHA digital health your say our way surveys. Noting David yours is over a week ADHA was over several months. This is still a considerable number of very concerned citizens and not as they would like to portray the concerns of a disgruntled few individuals.

How will the department respond I wonder? On the front foot, call for public meetings/ debate, run an online survey that is well advertised? Bring in computer equipment scientists, standards bodies, policy and security experts to work openly? Or will we get another wave of 'she'll be right'?

On the latest poll, what will be interesting is who gets funding for the opt-out? The ADHA is already funded for 2017/18 will some wind down money 2018/19.

Personally I do not believe the ADHA has demonstrated its differentiate value proposition, quite the opposite IMHO, it comes across slightly void of a cohesive vision, run by amateurs, and I hear far to much management and not enough talent. The problem with not stricking a balance is all managers need to have stuff on the go to seem relevant and conduct meetings, pulling teams thinly in competing priorities, rushed to start projects which will fail due to made up end dates.

I maybe wrong and perhaps this is just a smoke screen while something more structured is put in place and real insightful and experienced clinical, scientific and thoughtful leaders and teams are being formed.

Anonymous said...

Personal privacy should not be in the domain of bureaucrats, generalist and traditional changes managers and young IT personnel who are boffins first and insensitive to patient confidentiality and the devastating results. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Everyone should read the House of Lords select committee highly critical report on the state of NHS health IT. Why MyHR should be such a labyrinthine process only demonstrates how unfit for purpose the whole sorry saga is.
Unfortunately for some, the damage has irretrievably been done, the removal of key thinkers within the Agency, the closing down of standards, the lack of true Architecture ( could ADHA do a DAM or even know what one is or its value?). I personally only wish more GPs had done the decent thing and prevented their patient data from leaving their premises, devices. They have put other interests over and above patient confidentiality, duty of care etc. This mess warranted a more visible and open public debate. No wonder the Australian Digital Health Agency is more like a secret society now; the cat is chewing its way slowly out of the bag. But it’s the government and it would be the Department and Agency investigating themselves, an invitation to close ranks.
If Minister Hunt wants to lead and flex some political muscle then demonstrate this by bring in the Australian Computer Society, HL7 Australia Technical leads, Information scientists and privacy experts. Not through the Agency, PwC, Accenture, EY or others but independently, it is our tax money Minister, what's the harm is an independent review? Only this one will not be done by people looking to take over eHealth.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps decentralising health information is as good an idea as decentralising Canberra?

Anonymous said...

Roving reporter Kate MacDonald was correct in her rambling last week. What is all the fuss about privacy this privacy that? Nothing has been completely secret since the words 'let there be light' were whispered.

We need to focus on adoption of existing standards, getting vendors to drive interoperability and put the citizen at the centre of interoperability. We also in Australia lack a Digital Health Maturity Model, combined with something like MARCA the Governments of Australia will have something to hold vendors to account with.

Digital Health is hard if you are not willing to roll your sleeves up.

Anonymous said...

12:01. I hope that is a bad attempt at humour, and please please tell me you are not from the ADHA.

tygrus said...

I can understand a 1 to 5 likeit scale but I'm not sure of the semantic clarity of "Maybe" being more likely than "Maybe Not". One "Maybe" might be useful but two maybe's becomes confusing.

Anonymous said...

How much of the ADHA budget will need to go to the DTA, has a major projects entity been formed for over 10m work? that will need paying for.

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

Sorry, what is the DTA?


Anonymous said...

Digital Transformation Agency, formally Digital Transformation Office DTO

Anonymous said...

David Anon 9:55 is referring to this: http://www.computerworld.com.au/article/614452/government-it-projects-face-scrutiny/

However I think I am in agreement with the ADHA when I have no idea what the Agency is actually or if it falls under this. My money is on the Department taking back MyHR once ADHA has delivered the business case for MyHR, correction the national strategy for all digital health