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Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Here Is A Really Sensible Application Of AI Technology And EHRs To Catch Those Who Are Deteriorating Early!

This appeared a few days ago:

VA taps Google's DeepMind to predict patient deterioration

Feb 26, 2018 12:35pm
The Department of Veterans Affairs has launched a partnership with Google’s DeepMind to analyze patient records and build a model that can predict when a patient is deteriorating.
The VA said it will allow DeepMind’s algorithm to parse through 700,000 depersonalized health records, allowing the company’s algorithm to initially focus on predicting the onset of acute kidney injuries.
“Medicine is more than treating patients’ problems,” VA Secretary David Shulkin, M.D., said in an announcement. “Clinicians need to be able to identify risks to help prevent disease. This collaboration is an opportunity to advance the quality of care for our nation’s veterans by predicting deterioration and applying interventions early.” 
The partnership is one of several ongoing efforts to modernize the VA health system. Shulkin singled out modernization as one of four goals in a six-year strategic plan (PDF). Part of that effort includes eliminating legacy systems, transitioning to cloud-based analytics and implementing a “buy-first” strategy for IT solutions.
In a report (PDF) issued last week, the agency detailed efforts by the Office of Information Technology to streamline services and use health data to focus on high-priority areas like patient care and suicide prevention.
More here:
I really like this idea as it both leverages EHR data and AI technology while at the same time addressing the issue of providing the best possible alert to patient deterioration at a time when things may be corrected.
I hope there are some reports of how it all goes published over the next few years.

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