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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

It Is Really Sad That So Many Are Being Fooled By The ADHA Propaganda On The MyHR.

This appeared a few days ago.

DTA taking 'one bite of the elephant at a time': Slater

The Digital Transformation Agency's CEO Gavin Slater is drawing on his 17 years at NAB to work towards a more 'competitive' digital experience for those using government platforms.
By Jonathan Chadwick | March 8, 2018 -- 01:32 GMT (12:32 AEDT) | Topic: Digital Transformation
Whether or not an organisation is working in government or the private sector, customers will want for four things, according to Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) CEO Gavin Slater: Being digitally mobile; being secure; offering accessibility; and offering a degree of personalisation.
Speaking at the Salesforce World Tour 2018 in Sydney this week, Slater said that in digitally transforming the government through the DTA, he was able to draw on his experience in the private sector, having spent 17 years in various roles at the National Australia Bank (NAB) before joining the DTA as CEO 11 months ago.
"In the private sector you have something called competition. When I was leading the retail bank at NAB, not a day went by that I wasn't thinking about what CBA were up to, Westpac, ANZ, Bendigo bank, on a range of dimensions. One of them was what was happening with their technology and their platforms and how they were dealing with their customers" he recalled.
Digital identity is now one of the key initiatives that the government must deliver over the next few years, Slater added.
He also pointed towards other innovation across government departments, including digitising the Department of Veterans' Affairs and cutting the process of an application from 107 days on average to 30 days and My Health Record, the government's e-health record system that's set to cover all Australians by the end of this year.
"I think it's easy to assume that the public service is not doing a whole lot around digital innovation and transformation. Well actually nothing could be further from the truth. Clearly there's a lot on across government in terms of the transformation, but I remain really hopeful and ambitious about what can be achieved. But there's lots to be done and plenty of opportunity to partner with the private industry around innovation and ideas and ways we can be farther affected," he added.
"I think solving for digital identity will be one of the most powerful enablers of change for government and enabling individuals and businesses to deal with government digitally."
The full article is here:
My heavens – someone should point out to Mr. Slater that there is nothing very innovative about establishing a huge Government database and then dragooning some 25 million Australians to have a partial, possibly inaccurate and misleading and outdated copy of  their health records held there, and then bribing doctors to contribute additional content to it, so that maybe, one day someone will actually look up the information and find something useful! Those with long memories may recall we have had trouble with bankers in eHealth before!
Someone, with a little curiosity, might even ask to see the evidence that such an ‘innovation’ is ever likely to repay the initial $1.7B establishment cost and the ongoing operating expenses in terms of either clinical benefits or lives and dollars saved.  As far as I know no such credible evidence exists and I would be very pleased to see it if it does!
This is really a pretty sad joke.


Anonymous said...

Innovation has lost all meaning, it has become one of those words when spoken the speaker loses the audiences attention.

Anonymous said...

From the stories that come out of the ADHA, it sounds like they would sooner intimidate than innovate. Poorly focused shallow management will destroy the ADHA hopes to be of relevance and certainly prevent any hope of being a valued contributor. Until the image is changed for the better I am not sure I am keen to support the ADHA.

Anonymous said...

When I was leading the retail bank at NAB, not a day went by that I wasn't thinking about what CBA were up to, Westpac, ANZ, Bendigo bank, on a range of dimensions.

And we are all starting to learn how they treat citizens and there interests