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Friday, March 09, 2018

Looks Like The Spammers and Phishers Are Having A Serious Go At MyGov.

This little joy lobbed in my inbox today:
It claimed to be from MyGov.@teliasupportdonotreply.freshdesk.com
MyGov Logo
----- Begin Text
You have a tax refund of $65.93 AUD

After the last annual calculations, we noticed that you are eligible to receive$65.93 AUD

1 - Enter your contact information*
To submit the application electronically, please fill out the form. Once the form is completed, you will be asked to confirm that all the information in the document is correct

2 - Treatment**
The information you enter and the completed application form sent to myGov via a secure encrypted connection, and others will not be able to see the information.

Please click below and submit the refund request:

myGov Actually http://bit.ly/2tdrppY

We'll be in touch soon with more info.
  © myGov Team
----- End Text.
This link above points to
Which then offers the following page – with official looking logo:
Please request your refund by providing the information below.
Top of Form
Email Address                               
Date of birth                                  
Phone number                              
Name on card                                
Credit or debit card number        
Expiry date                                    
Credit limit                                     
      Please complete the form and verify your identity, we'll be in touch with you by our Team with more info.
----- End Site Page 
Surely anyone with half a brain would not give these idiots anything for $65.93.
I guess 1 in 1000 may and that’s all they need to cause havoc with the myHR etc.
As I have often said – just stay away and avoid suss e-mails!
I just love the "Sincerly" typo and all!!! Hopeless and annoying ratbags they are!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

just received exactly the same email and thought i'd google it.
i replied to the email informing that the scam email has been forwarded to Australian Federal Police for investigation. haha