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Friday, October 12, 2018

From This Release It Seems Clear Labor Does Not Get What Is Needed For The myHR?

This appeared a little while ago:
Fri, Oct 12, 2018 9:59 AM

Labor’s Plan To Fix The My Health Record

Labor will seek changes to the My Health Record to better protect the privacy of employees and women fleeing domestic violence. 
We will also seek iron-clad legislative guarantees that the My Health Record will never be privatised or commercialised, and that Australians’ health data will never be made available to private health insurers. 
Labor supports electronic health records. But the Senate inquiry we initiated into the My Health Record has exposed a range of deficiencies that must be addressed before this scheme rolls out to every Australian. 
Greg Hunt dismissed this inquiry as a “stunt”. But the fact is it has revealed a range of serious flaws in the current legislation that are not addressed by the Government’s woefully inadequate amendments. 
These flaws were created by the Government’s rushed implementation of an opt-out model.  The legislation that made sense for Labor’s opt-in model – when informed consent was assured – is not appropriate under the Government’s opt-out model. 
While Labor supports the Government’s moves to tighten law enforcement access provisions and enable permanent record deletion, it’s clear these measures alone are simply not enough.  Labor intends to move amendments to the Government’s bill to ensure:
- The My Health Record can never be privatised or commercialised;
- Private health insurers can never access My Health Records, including de-identified data;
- Employees’ right to privacy is protected in the context of employer-directed health care, by including a clause similar to s14(2) of the Healthcare Identifiers Act in the My Health Record Act;
- Vulnerable children and parents such as those fleeing domestic violence are protected, by narrowing the definition of parental responsibility;
- and The System Operator (the Australian Digital Health Agency) cannot delegate access to My Health Records to other entities.
These amendments seek to address concerns raised by medical professionals, law experts, domestic violence advocates and unions throughout the course of the inquiry. 
Labor may also move additional amendments in light of ongoing consultations with concerned stakeholders.  In the meantime, the Government must heed Labor’s call to suspend the opt-out rollout until all remaining concerns are addressed and public confidence in this important reform is restored.
----- Ends.
What about actually making the #myHR a useful and usable system to support clinical care delivery and co-ordination and something that patients and clinicians can have confidence in. If this is not done it is simply doomed. I fear a chance to do this has been missed.

To get where we need to be will require fundamental change to the #myHR, or better still what we have now could be scrapped and we could do the work to create something actually clinically worthwhile that was evidence-based and useful! We need a lot more than a few amendments to legislation!

All this bodes ill for what may come from the Senate Inquires on the myHR today.(Note: even if finished today - and that seems doubtful - the reports may need to be tabled in the Senate - so not released till Monday maybe?)



Anonymous said...

I am not sure the MyHR is even needed anymore. It has just become this thing that exists so therefore it must have purpose. A great example of where government should not get involved at the ground level. The public service is not a health service and our temporary politicians are just not equipped to deal with these sorts of things, it is not a part time gig that can be tinkered with between backstadding and election seasons

Anonymous said...

Anon @12:39 - of course it isn't needed. It hasn't been wanted or needed for ages. The problem is no-one in politics has the guts to say what's needed - and that's to dump the whole thing and stop wasting more and more taxpayers money!

First person to do that would get my vote.

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

I think I suggested just that in my post??


Anonymous said...


Another extension...

Anonymous said...

The problem is the government thinks it is needed - to help the government blackmail GPs into cutting costs. It's got nothing to do with health and everything to do with health funding.

Anonymous said...

The tried and proven ‘let’s spend billions to save millions’ method.

Anonymous said...

@ October 12 7:58 PM. I would be happy with that if they did actually save millions. However do they ever actually save any money? Certainly never appears that way.