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Thursday, October 04, 2018

Looks Like Those In WA Are Also Having A Spot Of Bother With Digital Health.

This appeared last week.

"Risks not taken seriously enough": Scathing audit of WA Health’s digital patient record system reveals concerns

Lynne Minion | 26 Sep 2018
WA Health’s management of its electronic medical record system has received a scathing appraisal by the state’s Auditor General, with data security vulnerabilities, storage gluts and clinical staff manually working around the digital system among the problems identified.
The Information Systems Audit Report 2018 assessed key business applications at five West Australian government agencies, including the patient medical record system at the Department of Health, and found management was to blame for a litany issues.
“Common weaknesses across all our information systems audits indicate agencies are not taking risks to information systems seriously enough. Most of the issues raised can be easily addressed and it appears that risks are simply not properly understood. They are certainly not being effectively managed.”
The report, which was designed to reveal information system weaknesses that could seriously affect the operations of government and potentially compromise sensitive information held by agencies, found numerous concerns with the Department of Health’s management of the electronic medical record system, which has been deployed to varying extents at Bunbury, Busselton, Royal Perth, Fremantle and Fiona Stanley hospitals.
According to the audit, WA Health’s delay in deciding whether to go digital state-wide is part of the problem.
“A lack of strategic direction and operational oversight has impacted the efficient and effective implementation of the Application. The DoH is yet to decide if all medical health records will be digitised across Western Australia as they are still in the process of developing a digital strategy. As a result, decisions regarding the Application’s design and deployment are made at individual hospitals without consideration of whole of Health needs.”
The audit report also claims the DoH has taken a hands-off management approach to the project, which was awarded in 2013, including its cost.
Lots more detail here:
So WA was still deciding if it should go digital! Jeez Louise!
I am amazed to say the least!

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