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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Senate #myHealthRecord Inquiry Alert!

I am hearing the report(s) due on Friday may be delayed until next week.

Problems related to complexity, the number of submissions and so on.

Does anyone know more?



Anonymous said...

Maybe the complex issue is a result of a realisation that the ADHA has painted the Government into a corner. The question of how to safely move from the out dated MyHR to some new future was never asked, how do you safely close down the MyHR? What to do with all those mounting risk files? How does MyHR co-exist with other competing consumer/provider solutions?

Anonymous said...

If the reports about the government rejecting established science and the rest of the world's opinion about coal and climate change, this lot will just ignore anything adverse in the Senate reports. Bring on the election. If the incumbent government isn't thrown out on its collective ears, then this country deserves all it gets.

Anonymous said...

Whats the procedure for getting a further extension? Do they have to 'ask' in the Senate? If so that would be an issue, they don't sit again until next week.

Anonymous said...

Why can't they just earn their money for a change and meet the deadline? That's what they expect of public servants, time and time again - NO EXCUSES.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the committee has been stunned by the very large number of submissions they have received and the sheer volume of concerns and issues that have been raised over years and which have never been satisfactorily addressed.

Of course they are overwhelmed - I'm sure they didn't expect such a response when they called for an inquiry