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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Further To The Apparently "Gone To Ground" ADHA CEO. - (UPDATED-1)

For myself (and others I am sure) I would like to know?

1. How long is the CEO away for?

2. When will he be back or is he working out his notice and won't be back.

3. What has been the Senate's Inquiries role in all this?

4. Why has he taken leave when the Senate Inquiry is about to report?

5. Why did we all discover about this by accident?

Here is the HITN Tweet disclosing the role.

RIP the fax: Successful secure messaging trials solve final problems, heralding a fax-free future for Australian healthcare, the ADHA's acting CEO says: http://bit.ly/2NyKFDs

Surely someone inside the ADHA can let us all know?



2:20pm. Thanks to a tweet from Ben Grubb we now know Tim is back Monday.

Ben Grubb  @bengrubb10m

The CEO of ADHA, the agency behind My Health Record, has not left, contrary to rumours on @davidmore blog (aushealthit.blogspot.com/2018/10/it-see… and aushealthit.blogspot.com/2018/10/furthe…) Per ADHA spokesperson: "Tim is on one week of approved annual leave and will be back on the weekend."


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Anonymous said...

What an astonishing time for the ADHA CEO to take a week off! So he won't be on deck when the inquiry reports on Friday? Presumably, the Minister will need to provide a public response on the day to recommendations that could/should at the very least include the tightening/inclusion of legislative protections for vulnerable groups? You know, small stuff . Media scrutiny will also kick off again and he'll be missing the opportunity to lambast more journalists. And has the CEO provided his answers to questions on notice from his appearance at the inquiry on September 20? If so, they are yet to be made public. While many in the sector and beyond are waiting on the outcome of an inquiry we have viewed as consequential, the CEO responsible for My Health Record is on hols. Quite remarkable.