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Thursday, January 03, 2019

Should Podiatrists Be Provided With Full Access To A Patient's #myHealthRecord?

This popped up last week:

WEBINAR - My Health Record: Revolutionising The Way We Consult

How often have you wasted time chasing clinical information about your patients or spending precious minutes in consult paper pushing? The My Health Record is here to ease your load and free up your time to focus on doing what you do best – providing exceptional patient care and delivering positive patient outcomes.
This webinar will provide you with all the information you need to gain the maximum benefit out of My Health Record to enhance shared clinical and patient centred care and integrate the My Health Record system into your business as usual daily practice.
Presentation by: Abby Raupach. Digital Health Implementation Consultant
Abby is a University qualified Accredited Practising Dietitian and has a keen interest in both community and preventative health measures. Abby’s role within the Brisbane South Public Health Network (BSPHN) is related specifically to the the My Health Record Expansion Project. Abby’s main focus as part of the My Health Record team is to build awareness and create meaningful use of the My Health Record amongst Allied Health practitioners within the Brisbane South region.
When: Wednesday 27 March, 2019
Where: Webinar (online)
Time: 7:00pm AEDT* (daylights savings is in effect so please check local times)
Cost: Free for APodA Members | $50 Non Members
Here is the link:
So this presentation by a Dietician is to help Podiatrists integrate the #myHealthRecord into their ‘business’.
In all my years of following the myHR topic never have I seen a discussion of the benefits of having podiatrists – and presumably their office staff etc. – utilising the myHR or even providing this group with access.
Do you think when people signed up for the myHR they were re-minded that the local podiatrist could access their record or that podiatrists will have the tech savvy to protect the information properly?
FWIW I reckon this is nuts and that the risk / reward ratio does not support such access.
What do others think of the allied health professions having myHR access. My view is we stick with doctors, nurses and their direct staff. The rest seems just an unvalidated grab for users who want to sticky-beak.
Such access was never contemplated in the myHR business cases AFAIK – pathetic though they were.


Dr Ian Colclough said...

It looks like the ADHA has contracted a case of Foot and Mouth Disease.

Anonymous said...

You certainly made a good case Dr Colclough, but the ADHA and this PHN take the cake. I look forward to learning more from this digital health implementation consultant.

Anonymous said...

It's rather fitting that a podiatrist should be promoting something as lame as My Health Record.

Anonymous said...

Not to appear to be too callus, but this might be the achilles heel of the my health record system.

Anonymous said...

A dietitian fresh out of uni masquerading as a digital health implementation consultant presenting to a group of podiatrists, the risks benefits and requirements for participating in a national system designed to better facilitate shared care between a patient and their nominated care team, under a very specific privacy and legislative framework.

There is scraping the bottom of the barrel and then there is just embarrassing. No offence to the facilitator but seriously who is running the PHN and who in ADHA approved this?

Anonymous said...

It does on the surface have a hint of “should have gone to spec savers” but seems fair everyone is conned and bored equally. Personally I am looking forward to the Nimbin Therapudics goods conference and using the My Hemp Record to manage multiple stashes.